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Signed pictures

Article about: Hi all,i thought i would share some pictures i have. They were bought for me by my father in the 80's to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the battle of Britain,and have been signed by war

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    Quote by Maschinenpistole 40 View Post
    Completely agree with you Ned,and you have certainly made me think. Maybe more than one Dowding? Its me that always thought it was "Hugh ",but is obviously not. Its also a howler of a mistake to make,which makes me think its my bad in thinking it was Hugh Dowding ,anyway i appreciate you pointing this out and i have e mailed Royal Air force museum London to see if they can help to identify who the " Dowding" is
    Got it- Its not Hugh Dowding it his son Derek who flew for 74 Sqn during the battle of Britain..........Phew

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    Quote by big ned View Post
    O.K. Appologies due M.P.40!!

    The signature is original, it's his sons signature!! Derek Dowding fought in the BoB as a Spitfire pilot in 74 Squadron. He retired as a Wing Commander in the early 50's and his fathers title would have passed to him on his fathers death in 1970 as it is hereditary. Here is a link to his career: Wing Commander Dowding 74

    Once again, i appologise, but it's nice to sort the truth out!

    Kindest Regards, Ned.
    ,thankyou for pointing it out,no need for appologies,its nice to know after 30 years its his sons sig and not his.............

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    I tried to buy a couple of these in the mid eighties,
    but AUD$800.00 each,was more than I could afford!
    Nice to see them again.
    Cheers Mike

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    Great posting, thanks for sharing the photos with us.

    Also, thanks for the polite exchanges about the signature. This in part is what sets us apart from other forums - you guys make my "job" easy here as a Mod.
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