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WW1 Naval Pilot Medal of Honor ACtion

Article about: On the morning of August 21, 1918 US Navy pilots carried out their first raid against the Austrian naval base at Pola, on the Adriatic Sea that was launched from the new American Naval Aviat

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    Gary, That would be very much appreciated

    Regards, Dennis

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    Quote by Belleauwood View Post
    It is my understanding that there are other known items from his estate in collector’s hands. It is my desire to reassembly as much of the items that I can. - If anyone has information as to the disposition of ANY material such as photos, uniforms, letters, etc., I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. Any help in putting this group together again would be greatly appreciated.

    The Ludlow / Hammann action at Pola resulted in the 1st Medal of Honor ever presented to a Naval Aviator in WW1 (Hammann).


    I am pinning this thread to ensure that it remains in sight at the top of the Aviation Forum. Perhaps this will help produce some leads for you.
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