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Beautifully Made Wooden Croatian Ustasha Cigarette Box

Article about: I don't buy alot of stuff these days, but when a unique or special item comes along, it's time to take a look at it. Here is a unique and very high quality made piece that I picked up recent

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    Croatian emigrants after WW2, expressed appreciation for Croatia in the period 1941-1945.
    Im sorry, but William your box does not have Croatian wattle.
    Croatian wattle was a style during WW2.
    If you do not want to learn, I can not help you.

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    Modern? They don't have the "Croatian wattle"....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    You can find also modern reproduction of NDH items.

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    NDH repro belt buckle:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    2 Moderators have looked at this now and have both agreed that it is Old and Finely Hand Made. I have Told you that this is Not an Issued or Factory made for purchase piece. It is Privately Hand Made and Not an Official Piece. Trench Art? Folk Art? Call it whatever you wish. What are you not understanding here? You show brand new items and reproduction junk for tourists with crests that are obviously the 1991 crests. None of this nonsense has Anything to do with the posted item. If you do Not know or have no clue as to what you are talking about, then you should not be commenting. Seriously, how can a hand-made item be imagined to have to what you keep inanely insisting that it should? The carver could have just as easily added a Mickey Mouse head if he chose-what does this have to do with Anything? Is Any of this sinking in to your head now?

    Again, This is Not a PX item. It is Not a Factory Made item. It is Not an Issued item. And it is Not a Modern item. No Other Item like it Exists-it is a Privately hand-made One of a Kind item. I Know the source from which I obtained it. Just because you have never seen such an item means Nothing. Why on Earth Would you have seen another one? Like I just said, it is Unique. Because it does not have Every single bit of imagery on it that you Think it should have, means Nothing. Read your book. Stick to your daggers. Learn before you make specious and demeaning remarks like you have here on a subject of which you obviously have very little if any knowledge. Collect for another 30 years and think before you do things like this. Do Not make this thread close.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    As I mentioned before, NDH suveniers are produced during 1946 - today.
    So these suveniers, can be old.
    (Moderators are also suggested that the NDH militaria not their area.)
    Can you show, some NDH period photo, where we can see, your type of cigarette box?
    On your box, Ustasha emblem, also seems odd are some broken lines, which was not the standard of these era.



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    William is happy with the piece and that is what is most important. Vedran, you have a differing view which is understandable. At this point, the posts are just repetition. Let's move on or close the thread. As this is your thread William, you make the call.


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    Is one collector's opinion automatically more valuable because they've been doing it for fifty years? I have no idea how old the box is or even what it is, but such talk is very elitist and not conducive to discussion of any sort. I've only been collecting for a short while, so I have to wait fifty years until I can comment on something?

    Sorry for the argumentative comment, but talk like that really irks me. Someone collecting for only a short while can certainly master a small speciality field. It delegitimizes such dedicated individuals to paint everyone without decades in the hobby as inexperienced and incapable of providing a useful opinion.

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    My position here on the forum does not make me an expert, nor does my lengthy experience as an antique dealer/aficionado make me an authority in such a genre, or a worldly tobacconist in general - especially as an American, who has only dealt with American and European/Eastern European (Russian/Ukrainian) crafted items in the past.

    William, the box is really nice and old, and a work of art, as I have mentioned. Verdran, I respect your opinions in any case coming from where you are, what you know, and have seen.

    Perhaps others in our worldwide community will see this discussion and chime in...

    Fellow collectors are NOT adversaries to be bested...

    ☭ "Ричик, я не понимаю, почему, почему ты тратишь деньги на эти вещи!" ☭

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    I began this thread to show a rare and very nice item from my collection. I did not ask that it be authenticated. Someone who does not know and who cannot back his assertions and carries an expertise in an entirely unrelated field chose to step in and denounce the item. I have amply supplied my reasons for not agreeing with the stated viewpoint ,despite using the clearest terms with which I could think of to use without being blatantly insulting, and now I am being accused of being an elitist. I am sorry that older collectors have seen and learned more than new collectors, and that the new collectors take offense at this rather than trying to use the older collector's accumulated knowledge and experiences to increase their own, but that is something that can't really be changed, I guess. You're right, Bob....I suppose it's time (or past it, rather) to close this thread, as it's lost it's original purpose and has degenerated into these unpleasant exchanges...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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