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Dutch brassard worn by ?

Article about: In the process of buying a collection, this brassard was amongst it, can anyone help with which Dutch organisation wore it, black band, blue wolfs hook,orange border

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    Default Dutch brassard worn by ?

    In the process of buying a collection, this brassard was amongst it, can anyone help with which Dutch organisation wore it, black band, blue wolfs hook,orange border
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Dutch brassard worn by ?   Dutch brassard worn by ?  

    Dutch brassard worn by ?  

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    the badge is that of the NSB, though why it is an armband I could not say


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    That is a Dutch NSB bracelet
    Was worn by employees while meeting 1938.

    Dutch brassard worn by ?

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    orange blanje bleu pin is seen by many as the Dutch SS, I do not think so !

    The White and orange-bleu (Prince Flag) NSB pin.
    The third so-called "Hage Voice" of the National Socialist Movement, held in Lunteren on Monday, June 6, 1938 (second Monday), the most striking part of the meeting was announced the flag parade led by C.van Geelkerken. After some words of praise and admiration for Mussolini and after bringing a salute to the nation, who first redeemed from her shackles, was while playing the Italian fascists song, the Italian flag was raised. This was followed by hoisting the Portuguese, German, Dutch, Flemish and South African flag, each preceded by a short word of Van Geelkerken and guided by the content owners. anthems.

    The public was invited to the ceremony and standing by bringing the fascist salute to follow, which invitation was prompted almost without exception. After each anthem sounded every time the "Keep-Sea"(HOU ZEE) cry. Clearly showed that Germany was the crowd favorite. The flag parade ended with lifting a 9 by 6 meters wide called "Prince Flag" at the top of the mast while playing the "Wilhelmus". At the same time around the site a number of orange flags, in a white round field a blue wolf angel, hoisted. By Van Oranje Geelkerken this flag with the new wolf angel is now accepted by the NSB flag, on which the fight will continue.

    The old black-red flag is maintained for the guilds of pioneers and reserved for the WA, when the present system of government will be overthrown and brought the now banned WA openly these colors will be carried out. Despite all the squabbling relevant NSB recognizes the national flag only if the so-called "Prince Flag" with White and orange, bleu. It is remarkable that the Wolf Angel character now again completely restored, not only in the battle flag, but also is apparently a new badge as a badge set, replacing the familiar triangular badge, which new pin a wolf angel is not subject to a round white shield. This badge was on the Speech Hage already sold thousands. It was promoted with a new brochure "The Wolf Angel" written by FE Farwerck, which the meaning and value of this symbol is put out.

    After closing the report on "Hage Speech" of the NSB Lunteren on June 6, 1938 appeared in the weekly and country "of June 17, 1938 an" Order of the Leader ", which Ir. Mussert informs, that during the Hage Speech "to insight has come, that he has on that day for the first time his supporters showed new flags and insignia on the wrong way was in particular that it was wrong the national flag in battle - flag of the movement to take. Ir. Mussert explains, "that four precious symbols, each with its own meaning and its place in our hearts :

    1. The Orange-White and bleu, the old patriotic flag with over three hundred years of tradition, we must restore honor flag of the coming National Socialist Empire.
    2. The black-red, the purest expression of national-socialist endeavor is the creation of the National Socialist Movement accepted as a battle flag, it remains, and tolerates no other side. 3. The black shirt was, is and remains the symbol of our fraternal solidarity in the struggle for and country.
    4. Wolf Angel she is the symbol of the self-awareness of the Dutch people, the resurrection of our people, the will to shedding of foreign ideas and people aloof domination of reflection on its nature. "

    Based on the above Ir.Mussert issued the following:

    1.The national flag is oranje blanje bleu (IN ENGLISH :ORANGE WHITE AND BLUE).
    2. The battle flag of the Movement is Black and red.
    3. The official dress for members of the movement's black shirt.
    4. The badge for the members of the Movement: old model black and red triangle with orange-blanje -bleu and letters NSB, new model: black and red triangle with wolf angel in gold. The national flag is as much as possible next to the battle flag carried by the headquarters, the regional quarters, the circle and group homes and meeting rooms. On national holidays contributing members of a Movement-Orange-White and bleu insignia, the model will be further determined. The official transfer of members: black shirt with insignia old or new model which each can choose from Utrecht, June 14, 1938. Mussert

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    very nice armband

    @+, hughes

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