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Norwegian Frontfighter Medal-Frontkjempermerket

Article about: I nearly got one in the summer,wished i had now. One of these is high on my wanted list for next year. Stewy S

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    Default Norwegian Frontfighter Medal-Frontkjempermerket

    Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket - Publication

    I came across this fantastic Posting about the Norge / Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket on the WebSite.

    We live in an amazing time, when an Italian Militaria Magazine, "Uniformi & Armi," has an outstanding Article about the quite rare Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket!

    Norwegian collectors opened up their personal 'treasure trove' of previously unseen Frontkjempermerket Medals, Miniatures, Documents, Uniforms & Publications for the distinguished researcher & author, Hugh Page Taylor, to assist him in his writing of this exceptional Article! (We've become accustomed to Taylor's outstanding writing & his attention to historical details - including annotated footnote references, in his latest book, "German Police, Vol. 2" by Bender.

    The Norwegian Collectors posted ALL of the "Uniformi & Armi" pages of this quite special article (in a size in which the Print can not easily be read - so, I don't imagine that any 'copyright' problems exist.) There are a number of complementary Postings to be read on the Norwegian site.

    I will post only some of the pages from the article in the December 2009 "Uniformi & Armi" issue, so that you can appreciate the fine detail of the Images & the superb Color printing! Amazing information is presented.

    Here is the LINK for the Publisher of "Uniformi & Armi": Tutto storia Albertelli editore - Tutto storia Albertelli editore

    You may wish to obtain your own copy for reference. One doesn't need to speak Italian, in order to enjoy this article. Images are International & these are really exceptional. "Uniformi & Armi" certainly sets a very high standard for Militaria magazines, IMO.

    With Computer translation programs (like Babelfish & Babylon) we 'non-native' speakers, can appreciate the content of these exceptional International Publications and Postings. This is a wonderful age in which to be a Collector! ...Txs, Dave/dblmed
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    Default Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-2

    Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-2
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    Default Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-3

    Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-3

    Ultra-Rare Front Sister's Medal & Miniature & Stick Pin (!) ....
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    Default Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-4

    Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-4

    Amazing Details of the Frontfighter Medal (!)
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    Default Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-5

    Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-5

    The Urkunde (Award Documents) - for the Frontfigher Medal - very Rarely seen (!)
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    Default Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-6

    Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-6

    More outstanding Examples of the Medal + the Ultra-Rare 'Stick Pin'
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    Default Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-7

    Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-7

    Rarely seen Documents (!)
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    Default Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-8

    Norwegian Frontfighter Medal - Frontkjempermerket-8

    What a splendid Historical article (With those GREAT Images) to enjoy & to broaden our understanding of the Norwegian Frontfighter Medal!

    Hat's OFF to hpt / Hugh Page Taylor for this outstanding Article (and to all of the Norske Collectors who shared these "Treasures" with us!) ... Txs, Dave/dblmed
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    Default Re: Norwegian Frontfighter Medal-Frontkjempermerket

    Hi Dave , and thanks for the information , is the cased frontkjempermerket your own ? very interesting to see , thanks

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    Default Norwegian Frontfighter Medal-Frontkjempermerket

    Hi Al,

    No. I do Wish that the the cased Frontkjempermerket set was mine, but it is not.

    It was shown & the Article in "Uniformi & Armi" - & then the Norwegian contributor, Posted it on the Norwegian Forum thread. It is fascinating to
    see all of these amazing Medals / Badges, all out there at one time.

    I can't wait to get the copy of the Dec. issue of "Uniformi & Armi" - so that I can read all of the details. .. Txs... Dave/dblmed

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