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Rare Swedish NSAP items

Article about: There wear several nazi parties and movements in sweden during 1920-1945. But the larges was NSAP. ca.10.000 members and a lot of suporters during the mid 1930. In NSAP there was a simular G

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    Quote by NunoGTI View Post

    Since most of the items are very rare and unknown, would it be possible for you to show us the difference between a fake party badge and a real one?

    Thank you

    Hi Nuno,

    The fakes of rallies and meetings are often easy to discover, the quality is not as good and if you look at the backside you can see that the needle has been attached in a very different way.

    Rare Swedish NSAP items

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    Quote by svir View Post
    Hello !
    Still working on the book. New documents in my hands.
    The video dont exist on the net anymore,sadly.
    Do you already have a Publisher, or will you solve that later?
    I'm also looking forward to this book.

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    Quote by Anders View Post
    Any one that has info about this paper pin: Riksföreningen Svenskhetens bevarande (National Society Swedishness conservation)
    Besides the scripture you quote, the only reference I've seen is this from Expressen 27th of July 1982;

    Rare Swedish NSAP items

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    Quote by Kimler View Post
    Is there anywhere i can see this video? Its not available on youtube anymore.
    No, and the most likely reason why the guy as withdrawn the video from youtube is that He has written both a play and a book about this incident and the things that accutally happens on the video does not correspond with his writing.

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    Well, i think you´r wrong. Here is a URL to the riot at Uppsala högar at 1943.

    4dagar_long.mp4 - YouTube

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    Default "Stamps" for NSAP

    Rare Swedish NSAP items

    Bought some pins at an auktion and got some NSAP pins that are identical to other pins presented here (NSAP årsting Stockholm 1937 and 38 as well as Lästringe 38). Among them there was a pin that I could not identify. It might be for WASA-order or just a toy pin, but since it was found with the other pins I just want to ask. No mark of the back.
    Also got the very small "1 Kr NSAP Medlemsavgift" stamps that I asssume is for some kind of membercard or party book.

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    Hello svir and other collectors. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Found this today at a flea-market: a big "vasakärve" in tin. What could it have been used for? Any Swedish NS item?

    Thanks Al

    Rare Swedish NSAP itemsRare Swedish NSAP itemsRare Swedish NSAP itemsRare Swedish NSAP itemsRare Swedish NSAP items

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    Default New ithem found, Will be sold at an auktion tomorrow

    Rare Swedish NSAP itemsRare Swedish NSAP items

    The Lindholm "box" is planned to be sold at an auktion tomorrow. Do not know size or any data.
    The second thing probably belonged to the same gentleman and I suppose that it is a Quisling thing. It probaly do not belong to this thread but since it will be at the same auktion tomorrow and since it was so nice...

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    The second "thing" is a fantasy item. Looks like an ashtray?

    Cheers, Ade.
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    "The second "thing" is a fantasy item. Looks like an ashtray?

    Cheers, Ade."

    Do you think it's a false ithem? I don't. It's obviously an ashtray.
    But whose on the picture?

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