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Spanish helmet M1942 "Modelo Z"

Article about: Hi to all, I want to share with you this Spanish Elmet M1942, called "Modelo Z", of my collection. It seems interesting because it's in good condition and is the original version w

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    Thanks Roberto ,i have my civil war period badge like yours affixed to the model 26 ,can i ask does yours have two pins like mine or one vertical slider ,my latter badge has the one slider ,i believe the early m42's had the insignia directly brazed onto the helmet ,my m42 not unlike your's has a strange textured almost plastic like coating ,what are your thought's on the shell coating Roberto

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    Hi James,
    I'm not a great expert of this helmets, but if you can help, I show the details of badge's fastening.
    Regarding the shell coverage, actually it have this painting that resembles a textured plastic surface, I do not know how it was obtained, but it reminds me of what of what I've seen on some examples of WW2 German helmets and gas masks canister, painted on field mixing water with paint, of course the water is not diluted with paint and it dries leaving on the surface a series of spots that might resemble it
    However , it's only a consideration!


    Spanish helmet M1942 "Modelo Z"Spanish helmet M1942 "Modelo Z"Spanish helmet M1942 "Modelo Z"

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    Many thanks Roberto for your thoughts and for showing the reverse side of the insignia just like mine but yours is in much better condition my eagle's talons have long since detached ,i too need another francoist insignia as for my pictures i had to borrow the insignia from my spanish civil war italian m33 Spanish helmet M1942 "Modelo Z"Spanish helmet M1942 "Modelo Z"

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    A pleasure for me to help you, James.
    I see you have a nice collection, in the first picture I see a nice M33 with the Spanish badge, it's interesting because it's a first production 1935/36, precisely the type used in the Civil War period, it has rivets rounded of first type.


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    Quote by James C View Post
    very nice example Roberto ,a shame they are always devoid of any ink stamps to pinpoint the exact manufacture date phil i will keep my peeper's out for you on a francoist eagle insignia Attachment 930211
    I would very much appreciate that James. They just are not that common here across the pond. I have found the three pronged one that were wore on the caps but have not had any luck with the single prong for the helmets!!!!

    Semper Fi

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    Thank you Roberto and a pleasure to view your fine example's and to have a discussion on them too ,a lot can be learned i primarily collect helmet's so i have the odd one here and therewhat about yourself is the lion's share of your collection in headgear or do you diversify into other areas

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    ill do my very best for you phil

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    Hey James out of shear coincidence I was going to post up my M26 Spanish helmet tomorrow which has the Franco badge on it. Shall I post it on this thread or just start a new thread?

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    My Franco helmet badge for comparison.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Spanish helmet M1942 "Modelo Z"   Spanish helmet M1942 "Modelo Z"  

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    interesting ian to see your insignia allthough outwardly the same has the single horizontal mounting slider yet mine and Roberto's have the two pins

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