Good afternoon all WarRelicsEU members,

I wish to alert you that within the last few months the Medaglia d’Argento al Valor Militare (Italian Republic version awarded in 1962) and other WW2 memorabilia of our Uncle ADAMINI Ermenegildo was stolen from our family home in the city of Brescia, Italy.

We have already contacted many antique and militaria stores, however no-one has of yet seen this medal.

We are desperately seeking any information which will lead to the recovery of these precious family heirlooms, and if found, we will correctly compensate the collector or individual that purchased them - we do not want to “steal” from anyone.

The Istituto del Nastro Azzurro has informed us that unfortunately, Italian valour decorations cannot be re-issued, and advised us to contact a reputable collector that can sell us an original period-correct medal. We will also accept this outcome.

The memorabilia consisted of:

La Medaglia d’Argento al Valor Militare - named to ADAMINI Ermenegildo - awarded for actions at Mortirolo 10-29 April 1945. This medal was physically awarded in 1962.

La Medaglia Commemorativa del Periodo Bellico 1940-1943 - with clasps 1942 & 1943.

La Medaglia Commemorativa della Guerra di Liberazione 1943-1945 - with clasps 1943, 1944 & 1945.

Distintivo d’Onore Partigiano Volontari della Libertà.

Included were many official certificates/documents which ironically may be more important than the actual medals themselves. Everything is named to Ermenegildo Adamini (sometimes Gildo).

I thank you for reading. Please spread the word. We have already contacted Italian newspapers and the Military offices, however the outcome isn’t looking so good.

I offer you all our warmest regards.

Giacomo Adamini