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Swedish Canteen - Authentic WW2?

Article about: Hello, Is this an authentic Swedish WW2 canteen? What would be a fair price for it in say good to very good condition? Thanks, dastier.

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    Default Swedish Canteen - Authentic WW2?


    Is this an authentic Swedish WW2 canteen? What would be a fair price for it in say good to very good condition? Thanks, dastier.

    Swedish Canteen - Authentic WW2?

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    Default Re: Swedish Canteen - Authentic WW2?

    It is more than likely made pre or under WWII.
    The canteen is a Dricksflaska m/1929 (drinking bottle model 1929)
    Attached is a picture of the "prototype" that is on the Swedish Armed forces museum.
    Attachment 407377

    They are not that expensive since they are made in enormous numbers compared to the size of the country and the size of the population.
    It was used by the exile "armies" of Norway and Denmark during the war, and given to Finland during the Winter War.
    The main difference between the different types of M/29 canteens are the wool covers. The cover on your canteen is on of the first patterns. Many patterns followed, and the last pattern was adopted in the late 1940's early 1950's. Before the army adopted a "webbing like" equipment set.

    A mint M/26 canteen can be had for 5 USD in Sweden (with post war wool cover).
    In other words, it is the pre- / war time wool cover that is the best thing about your canteen.

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    Default Re: Swedish Canteen - Authentic WW2?

    Thanks 37webbing.

    That it was given to the Finns makes it more appealing for me as I collect Finnish militaria and with an interest in the Svenska Frivilligkåren. Do you think its worth $29 USD with its prewar cover? That and I'm far from Sweden - Canada actually.

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    Default Re: Swedish Canteen - Authentic WW2?

    With pre / war time cover $29-$35 would be fair enough.
    I can't imagine that they are found in the same amounts in Canada.

    But I am not really the one to hand out advice on prices, I live in Denmark and here they are found easily.

    Keep in mind, that there is good Swedish websites that sell the same canteen.
    A price in Canada should never be more than a canteen sold in Sweden + postage to Canada.

    Since you are collecting Finnish militaria with an interest in the Svenska Frivilligkåren, I think this is a great item to buy.
    It is an item that is easy to get right since both the Finns and the Swedes used this type of canteen.
    It is one of the most accessible items to start of a Winter War collection with.

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    Default Re: Swedish Canteen - Authentic WW2?

    Thanks again 37webbing. It would be a good addition for my Finnish/Swedish volunteers collection.

    I was thinking the same with respect to postage. But also have to consider buying from someone you don't know as opposed to someone I have done business with in the past. Sometimes its worth paying a bit more. Can you recommend any Swedish or Danish, European web sites that you have done business with?

    I have seen very limited amounts of Swedish miltaria for sale in Canada. Just some helmets, six pouch ammunition belt, bayonets, Lahti holster and of course firearms: Husqvarna m1907 pistols and CG and Husqvarna m/1896 rifles and m/1938 carbines. Occasionally a m/1894 carbine or m/41 sniper surfaces.

    Availability is better in the U.S.A. Most of my Finnish militaria came from there.

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