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Uniforms and insignia for Cossack and ROA/POA

Article about: by TrondK There must be some jackets out there with the "volunteer-eagle/symbol" on the chest. I have somewhere a picture of a drillich jacket with original volunteer eagle, it was

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    I have never seen this decal before. Do you have any photos of decal in use, or original helmets with decal applied?

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    No, never seen anything like this before neither on helmets nor on period pics. I found this accidently in an old envelope among other decals and period documentation dated 1942 and 1943. I did not have a clue as well about what sort of insignia this could be. Based on the documents it could be a private purchase from Germany. Experienced forum members have suggested cossaks decal and insignia. Probably a one of a kind example, it seems that HJ produced not only spanish, french and croatian volunteer decals but eastern volunteer/cossak helmet decals too.

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