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Unkown Italian Helmet?

Article about: Need help ID'ing this helmet. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You

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    Default Unkown Italian Helmet?

    Need help ID'ing this helmet. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You

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    Default Re: Unkown Italian Helmet?

    Asure Arrows? Spanish Civil War? Rich A. in Pa.
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    Default Re: Unkown Italian Helmet?

    Agreed. Italian M-33 helmet from Spanish Civil War. Yoke and arrows insignia of the Falange Espaņola de las J.O.N.S. (Spanish fascist movement) on the front.

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    That thick camo texture is typical of Spanish used M33s.

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    The Nationalist high command was rather disgusted for the poor performance of Italian troops. To streghthen their fighting spirit, mixed units of spaniards and italians were created (as both peoples share a simmilar culture and language this seemed feasible). Their badge was the yoke and arrows, each unit having a different color (green, blue...).

    Italian M1933 with the yoke and arrows at the front belong to these mixed units. The badge is stencilled at the front in the Otalian fashion odf the day. They can be black or in the color of the unit.

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