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vichy france

Article about: Hi everyone, wondered if anyone knows of any good reading material on Vichy france? thanks in advance!!

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    Quote by Tinhat View Post
    I would recommend 'England's Last War Against France'
    England's Last War Against France: Fighting Vichy 1940-1942: Colin Smith: 9780753827055: Books

    Not strictly about Vichy France but gives a very good background to government and the impact on the French colonies.
    Many thanks for this pointer Tinhat, very good book im glad I ordered it!!
    now onto the next!
    "…knowing him, and something of his deeds, it was impossible not to believe in greatness. In that square figure was housed a spirit of grandeur, and with his massive heroism went gentleness and modesty, even humility. He had no need to proclaim his virtue, for history would be his spokesman."
    Eric Linklater on Wavell.

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