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ww2 Hungarian helmets

Article about: Wow- very impressive collection. My 1st Hungarian Combat helmet is in no where this mint condition but I am very happy to have it in my collection. It's a MÁVAG 66, still has liner band and

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    Interesting helmets.
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    Thanks for all the great information on these helmets !! I have been interested in collecting Hungarian helmets but the detailed information was hard to find . Now I have it .
    Thank You Very much for all your time , work and showing your Great collection !!!

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    Extremely rare subtypes of hungarian helmets are known to exist. The first one is very similar to the german M35 because the liner retaining rivets are positioned in the front like on german helmets and contrary to the well known configuration of hungarian shells with rivet holes behind the air vents. These helmets were produced in late 1935 and came from the first lots of hungarian helmets ever made. The production frame is quite short, only circa 2 month because high command had not approved the final helmet version until the start of mass production so actually this is a prototype lot accepted for service.
    The second one is a mystery, I call them hungarian 40M since this subtype has embossed air vents identical to the german M40. No documentation has surfaced yet about the background of these helmets, I belive that it's some experimental model, a copy of the german version. Archive researchers found evidence that certain steps have taken place aiming at changing the paint of hungarian helmets from the standard light greenbrown to the german textured fieldgrey but the costs would have increased so much that the project was cancelled. Maybe the embossed air vent was also a part of the project in an effort to rationalize the helmet production like the germans did.
    I know only 5 examples, I have one in my collection. The shell has no maker mark at all but shows MÁVAG characteristics. There is a "0" stamped on the rear skirt.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ww2 Hungarian helmets   ww2 Hungarian helmets  

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    Default Doubt with my WWII HUNGARIAN M.35-38 HELMET-FINN

    Hi gentlemen!

    I bought this helmet about one year ago. I always had many doubts about it.

    I bought it as: WWII HELMET-HUNGARIAN M.35-38 FINN (WWII Hungarian M.35-38 helmet that was supplied to Finland during WWII).

    One thing that always intrigued me was the 3 holes (1 ventilation + 2 rivets) instead of two.

    So, my questions are:
    - What type (model) of helmet is this?
    - Hungarian or Finnish Manufacturing?
    - Period of WWII?
    - Original painting?
    - The liner is Hungarian or Finnish manufacturing?

    Excuse me for the many questions, but I would like to be sure about my helmet.

    Sorry for my bad english,
    Regards from Brazil,
    Attached Images Attached Images ww2 Hungarian helmets ww2 Hungarian helmets ww2 Hungarian helmets ww2 Hungarian helmets ww2 Hungarian helmets 

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    Hello Gustavo.

    It is hungarian M38. If I recall right, these were manufactured for Finland in 1939-1940 and they arrived too late for Winter War, so they were taken to war in 1941 and used there to 1944.
    Im not sure about the paint, but I think it is postwar Finnish, like the liner and chinstrap. There have been 2 extra holes drilled to sides (the ones behind) to fit the postwar liner.

    To make it short; It its genuine Ww2 Hungarian M38 helmet that served in Finnish army 1941-1944, that has been depot repaired after the war and used in training during peacetime.

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    Thank you very much, sir!
    Very clear and didactic explanation. Good to know that my helmet is an authentic WWII Hungarian M38.
    Very grateful and regards from Brazil;

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    Hi Gustavo i find your helmet interesting never seen the two front fixings like that before on a helmet used by Finland is the liner attached to them ? normally it just the 3 fixing points like on the German helmets ,

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    This is a nice DR66 M38 finnish helmet made in Hungary in Győr. Hungarian helmets were named 35M but Finland issued the 75000 helmets from Hungary as M38 though the lot was produced in 1940. 37500 helmets from Győr and 37500 helmets from MÁVAG. Regarding this particular piece it was reissued in Finland, has a finnish liner, strap, rivets and extra holes on the front. Also has a probably postwar green overpaint on it, original color still visible underneath. Factory paint has a greyish hue and resembles to a darker applegreen shade. Finnish-hungarian helmets often have different layers of paint, have been repainted in large numbers during the war aswell. A nice example indeed.

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    Thank you, fellas! I am very grateful.
    I learned a lot with you.
    Regards from Brazil,

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    Default .

    I found this helmet from Estonia.

    Ww2 Finnish issued DR66. Liner size seems to be 59/60, propably leaning towards latter. I believe it to be 100% original Finnish issue, except for the paintjob, which I believe to be Finnish army postwar repaint.

    What makes it interesting is the parts. It has ww2 german liner attached and hungarian chinstrap.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ww2 Hungarian helmets   ww2 Hungarian helmets  

    ww2 Hungarian helmets   ww2 Hungarian helmets  

    ww2 Hungarian helmets   ww2 Hungarian helmets  

    ww2 Hungarian helmets   ww2 Hungarian helmets  

    ww2 Hungarian helmets   ww2 Hungarian helmets  

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