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After buying a US PASGT!!!!!!

Article about: Completely out of my zone with these,whats the going rate for a decent one with original paint and cover?also is it common to find one kitted out with the skydex padding and strapping?does t

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    Default After buying a US PASGT!!!!!!

    Completely out of my zone with these,whats the going rate for a decent one with original paint and cover?also is it common to find one kitted out with the skydex padding and strapping?does this effect the price and originality?thanks in advance.

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    Here you go Jake.

    Shop | Sportsman's Guide

    Semper Fi

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    Ahhh. The sportsmanship guide catalog...great pre-Christmas time reading material....
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    Well i'm truely stunned,just been on US ebay and every seller WILL NOT SHIP OVERSEA'S,why is that?anyone know?you can send an M1 but not a Kevlar,what am i missing?so bizarre indeed.

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    Its some new rule that the Americans have instituted about the trading of what might be thought of as 'modern' military kit (as opposed to steel helmets or spears, one imagines). I don't know the details - can't be bothered to find out really as the shipping costs from the USA are too high to make anything worth getting - but its all Government stuff, nothing to do with Ebay as I understand it. However some *British* sellers seem to think the same law applies to them, which I suppose it might if you tried sending a Mk6 *to* the US. I dunno, its all mad really.

    If you're after a PASGT in normal configuration it won't be hard to get one from any European Ebay seller - usually a number up at any given moment, especially on

    (Incidentally, I am aware of your question re PASGTs - I admit I know next to nothing about them so I have contacted an *expert* (or the next best thing anyway) and I hope to have something useful to post for you soon. Ish.

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    Thanks Greg,that kind of goes some way in the explanation and so on,each seller actually puts this in the listing,"US SHIPPING ONLY" or "I DO NOT SHIP OVERSEAS" etc,have found one but a bit pricey,so trying to hang on at the moment,mind you some UK sellers have lost the plot asking 100-120,are they serious?...............

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    To clarify the situation about selling a PASGT or compo helmet from the US, here's a quote from the relevent Ebay guidelines (its all about modern body armour, essentially, so yer old steel pot doesn't come into it). See that the rules specifically bar sending the object outside the bounds of the USA. The bizarre part is that some *UK* sellers also think it applies to them, and I have found nothing so far to show that it might.

    Ebay quote begins -

    Generally, the following military items can be listed on eBay:

    Body armor that isn't military-issued or restricted by any laws or regulations governing military ordnance. However, to list body armor, your listing must follow certain guidelines. Find out more in the Additional information section below.

    Military surplus items or other military-related items that you can find in both online and retail stores, such as military-related backpacks, blankets, canteens, clothing, foot lockers, hats, helmets, non-restricted instruments and tools, and so on.

    Military uniforms.

    Some parts and accessories for antiquated military vehicles or equipment that don't have explosive capabilities.

    Replica military ordnance that was never actual ordnance, such as a replica firearm or explosive.



    The import and export of certain items and information is strictly regulated by US federal law and regulations. 'Military items', as described within this policy, include those which are specifically or otherwise identified on the U.S. Munitions List (USML) found in Part 121 of the ITAR.


    Before listing any military items on eBay, check the USML to see if your item is covered by Part 121.

    Some military items (such as body armor, firearm scopes, head gear, and night vision goggles) listed in the ITAR Part 121 are OK to sell, but only if all of the following conditions are met:

    The item is listed on the US eBay website (

    The buyer, the seller, and the item are located in the US

    The seller specifically states the item will only be shipped domestically (within the US) and

    The buyer certifies that they are a US citizen or permanent resident

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    Too be fair Greg,we are talking about a composite Helmet thats almost 30 years old,not a Gentex or Mich,so seems a bit harsh,talking of ebay they you can't sell ww2 gas mask filters,(mine got pulled)and yet there still selling them over in the UK,so what's the point of rules when even ebay doesn't enforce them,talk about random selection on individuals,anyway thanks for taking the time to explain "modern body armour" ebay rules.obviously this applies only to ebay sellers and if someone wanted to sell directly to someone outside the US then im confident the sale would still commence.

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    its just us department of defence red tape ,try buying an nbc hooded m17a gasmask ,there are a few pasgt helmets here in the uk for sale but i doubt you will get much change from 100 ,if you do buy one whack on that pasgt choc chip cover i sent you a while back matey

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    Well, the thing is, that its not just an 'Ebay rule', its actually US law. Ebay are showing this as a rule to simply cover themselves in the event of action taken against them by the US Homeland Security or War on Terror commandos or whatever. I completely agree with you that it is in essence nonsensical as not even Homeland Security actually expects Ebay to police each and every sale (but just think, there's always someone watching...). At the death, we need to remember that Ebay is a business and part of their mission is to minimise the aggrevation they might get from who-or what-ever. Which seems entirely reasonable to me.

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