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Brit Virtus / Cobra / "Mk8" helmet

Article about: Ok so it hasn't been called the Mk8....yet.... I saw a few at Bovington last weekend and was surprised to see two different shaped mandible guards (that's the jaw bit!) was angu

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    I could've started a whole new thread for this.......and called it something helpful like "Look what I've seen!".....but....

    I recently had the opportunity to get up close and personal with some more Virtuses....Virti......Virt? know what I mean and, as any Compo fan would do (well, those who've known Mr Pickersgill for a long time) I looked for a screwdriver! A car key (and one broken shed padlock key later...we can always lever that door off anyway) helped us get a snap of a cover-less Virtus. Now, buckle up as this is one hell of a ride!

    ...but it turned out that one of them wasn't quite the same as the had the "old" (now) style cover whilst another had the later model. There were also slight differences re the helmets, well the front bracket exciting was that?! was like finding a champagne round bottomed droop tail in a pile of old M34 Feuerschutz! ('see, I can play that pretending-to-be-German-in-an-attempt-to-make-us-sound-special/elite thing too!)

    The trouble with the old / first cover was that it came built-in...literally. It couldn't be slipped off at the untie of a needed a screwdriver to undo the 5 bolts to get the cover off!

    Well, this new cover is excitingly different ('s'funny cos I'm not FEELING that excitement coming back from you, the readers....)....

    Firstly, the back....

    Mk1 on the left...bolted on like a....errrr....thing that's bolted on to something else.....but the MkII (by the way, I've given them these exciting and highly descriptive product names) slips OVER all the nobbly bits, including the delicate hard-to-see brow bracket and there's even holes for the bolts at the back...although I'd argue that they've played it a little too safe with "room to grow" either side.....

    Moving around to the front, which, incidentally is ALWAYS the best bit....

    ....note how the new cover (right) positively cascades over the top of that near-invisible brow bracket, securing as it does under the helmet rim via a sophisticated array of....errr....elastic edging.... Oh, and whats that?! black metal back-plate in the NVG mount nowadays....this just gets interestinger and interestinger.... (sorry for those for whom English isn't a first language...that should probably read "more interesting"). But that's not the biggest's the kicker at the side....

    ...theres a bloomin' great hole.....this exposes the slot-in bracket top and the side mini-rail (if it was fitted)....but what's that strange triangular piece of MTP which seems to be inside the top of the hole.....wait, surely gets even better?

    ...inside the new cover (removable) are little flaps which expose or cover the top corner of the new and exciting triangular hole! Now these flaps, when closed cover that HUGE expanse of what would be a totally exposed helmet...must be getting on to a square inch (that's probably about half a square litre to you youngsters) of plain, uncovered helmet....a Dragunuv-users dream!

    But wait...there's more....they've only gone and changed the Velcro (or should that be Hook'n'Pile nowadays....LGBGQTBT gone mad!) patches AND repositioned the elasticated foliage straps too....just look at how that masterpiece of elasticity now snakes its way up diagonally across the side of the helmet, almost parallel with those little white words....oh....mmmmm...sorry about that......

    Phew, what do you think of that?....and they say that TR stuff is interesting....covered brow bracket, exposed bolts, hidden flaps, migrating Velcro.... what we're witnessing here is a cataclysmic shift in the Helmet world...this is the equivalent of when they discovered that "SS" actually stood for "Secret Squirrel" will ALL remember where you were when you read this....... I come to think of it, I should've offered them a few quid for it (although I'm sure bribing a Squaddie is illegal)......but they'll be in a box at War and Peace in 2 years time, three for a fiver.......

    Someone make a note for when some idiot asks in 10 years time "when did the Removable Cover come in?" (oh and they'll ask in a totally new thread too......)
    Very interesting. Enjoyed this. Even held my attention for a few minutes..... but will now will go back to German Helmets!

    Well done
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    ...and just for completeness, there have been 2 "bolt-ons" (apart from the mandible and the visor goggles.....oh and the nape piece...ok so the mandible, the visor goggles and the nape piece.....but dont forget the NVG mount....OK OK so mandible, the visor goggles, nape piece AND the NVG mount....but doesn't the cover [old and new] count?....right, mandible, the visor goggles, nape piece, the NVG mount AND the cover [old AND new...obvs].......what about the side rails and what sits on them?...aaaaggghhhhh)....anyway, there's a vecro-backed counter-balance weight pouch which fixes onto the large patch at the rear of the cover (new AND old) and there's a strap extension piece which presumably helps out any fat-jowelled or tall headed (a bit like those aliens in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull movie) squaddies. Actually, that extension piece confuses me, coming as it did a bit later on......was it always in stores, waiting for ol' no-neck to sign-up.....or was it introduced AFTER the helmet which suggests either an oversight in helmet design...or a variance in soldier head-size internationally.....or was there a sudden rush amongst folk gifted in the lower jaw area to sign-up....or perhaps that's where the early ebay sales examples came from - unfastened helmets falling off the facially-gifted...

    ...anyway there's a small pouch and a strap extension

    'gotta keep on top of this one guys...the one thing WE'VE got over the TR gang is new bits.....they've spent all their rounds...they can't have anything new but we've got loads of time left for those ingenious lil' velcro-backed beauties which make these things more interesting than coal scuttles with pretty little stickers on...

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    'was chatting to a couple of squaddies at the weekend and we got onto one does. One claimed that a while ago his lot had "some people come to ask them questions about the new helmet"......he went on to tell me that the small side rails were slated because they were causing "hang-ups"....literally...especially around Cam had to be very careful when exiting a Cam netted vehicle or area as the side rails had a tendency to get caught up and whilst the rest of you wanted to go one way your helmet (and head) kinda stayed where the net was! ..or the rail just snapped off. This further explains the pics of taped-up rails. They also mentioned the inability to switch damaged covers without a tool kit. Both these "complaints" have been addressed in the later model helmet and cover. I continued my investigations into the application of the mandible and drop-down goggles...."they just get thrown in a box!"

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    'anyone noticed that Mk2-covered Virti (?) are now freely available on eBay. The ol' Mk1 covers are also appearing loose now?

    Who'd've thought it eh?....a second and re-shaped cover.......that's the beauty of this bits keep coming along. Just think how crazy Forums were in WW2 when the ol' Droop Bill disappeared....or when Champagne stopped flowing.....and as for that plastic Luftschutz must've been Form-Madness!

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    Commercially made/sold plastic rim clips (in Coyote brown) to hold the edge cord (or the net itself) of a camo net onto the helmet. 6 to a box. As NBC boot strips and Inner tube rings were frowned upon / banned perhaps these are "this years black"...or whatever fashion-orientated saying one can get away with nowadays. I've yet to hear how well they're going down...but based on the fact that the mini-rails were becoming caught in vehicle nets and para lines it'd be interesting to see if they're liked / used.

    Brit Virtus / Cobra / "Mk8" helmet

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