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british gs mk6

Article about: Hi James. I could be wrong here and I have not read all posts so forgive me if this has already been said but I thought scrim and sniper tape was a recent thing done in iraq and afghan not d

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    No probs! Just PM us with your address

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    okie dokie vicky ,thanks again guys i owe you one

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    Well James the train never stops for you mateI can certainly say that I have learnt something on this thread as I always thought that composite and Kevlar ballistic helmets were all one of the other words if it wasn't made of steel then it has to be Kevlar.out of interest does the US differate between them or are they just called composite/ballistic?............Jake.

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    thanks jake for stopping by ,always a pleasure ,im glad youve learned something ,i have noticed when these mk6 are for sale sometimes but not always the sellers refer to them as kevlar ,i admit a few years back i thought they were made of kevlar too ,from what i know i think most modern composites are made of aramid ballistic fibres (kevlar) impregnated with resins so the likes of the us pasgt's are true k pots ,hope this makes sense ,cheers james

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    That sounds about right James,the first PASGTS were Kevlar,but Nick D collects them so I would think he's the best on US type ground troop modern lids,still waiting for you to announce your finally moving into a m.............................uch bigger house for your awesome size collection...............Jake.

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    you know for a minute there i thought you were going to say mansion lol yes i agree nick D would be the best bloke to ask that guy knows his us helmets like nobody else ,

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    Quote by James C View Post
    thanks for looking opex and for the nice comps ,you just cant beat the real deal been there look ,i have married helmets and covers before and they just look sterile ,i much prefer worn out salty one's they also scream there own provenance ,thanks james

    No worries James, and I agree genuine pieces with provenance are preferable, but sometimes a "put together" has to suffice for display purposes.

    Look forward to seeing more ,as and when you can post here.


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    Good point Greg, personally I am a huge fan of all things kevlar,nylon etc., and have many in my collection. What I meant by overlooked, was probably a generalisation, but based on my hunch that there are a lot of steel purists.

    I am reluctant to post my composites in this section, but if there was a composite forum here, I would be more than happy to post away!

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    I made a thread on that early one I spoke about if you guys are interested.

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    Good to see im not the only one who likes these..personally it just carries on from my interest in British helmets and how they have evolved.They are still fairly cheap you have the mk6a version?

    And talking about Us army Kevlar helmets, the first prototypes were made from GRP (glass reinforced plastic) then the trials models and subsequent issue helmets were made of Kevlar.

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