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british gs mk6

Article about: Hi James. I could be wrong here and I have not read all posts so forgive me if this has already been said but I thought scrim and sniper tape was a recent thing done in iraq and afghan not d

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    Good value for money! Yeah I thought from the pic it looks big like the regular OD ones I have purchased before you get really good coverage from them! I really appreciate the offer thanks James but I will let you keep hold of it, I will have to decide which lid to decorate it with first and I am long overdue an order to SOF, I usually get a list of things in my head while browsing over time, Wait a while and buy them all at once lol so will add a scarf to that list, Thanks again though bud! Yeah its really impressive, I have spent countless hours in there, I have never seen more than 3-4 people in there at a time! Which is great for me I feel like you got the whole place to yourself to just browse and look at all the cool shiny things! Cheers! Sean.

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    well guys thanks to your detective work on the scrim i have restored the mk6 to its former glory ,i didnt remove the sniper tape but simply tucked in the newer netting ,ive never restored a composite helmet before so a first for me ,terry i took your advice and taped up those flapping ends at last ,i also noticed tonight the wearer Mc adam was a highlander ,i totally missed this bit of information beforebritish gs mk6british gs mk6british gs mk6british gs mk6british gs mk6british gs mk6

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    Nice job James.

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    many thanks ian

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    dont laugh but here you go
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    here's some daylight pictures,and ive got to say this camo does well for breaking up the helmet profile british gs mk6british gs mk6british gs mk6british gs mk6british gs mk6british gs mk6british gs mk6

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    You have done a good job there James...& looking after the little things makes a massive difference!!. I heard a quote once when I was on a course "The only difference between a SF soldier & than a normal soldier is the basics"..I think that is true!!.. I'm not so sure about the bloke wearing the lid could do with a shave?? & get that chinstrap on your chin not under lol.. ..Excellent job though.. Cheers Terry.

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    many thanks for the nice comps tezi understand what you mean about the little things being important ,it must give an insight into the wearers psyche and attitude ,,i knew the minute i posted this pic of me wearing the mk6 id dropped a clanger on the chinstrap ,i can only blame it on being a chinless wonder i dont know us bloody civies aye, i must admit i was glad to take it off ,i can only describe the fit as that of a vice crushing between the front and back of my swede ,i think its best put back on the shelf ,cheers mate ,james

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    It does look a little small..from the picture. & the chinstrap saga you are forgiven lol....Still a good helmet though.. Cheers Terry.

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    Haha the above comments give me a chuckle! :P Helmet looks top notch James! The net looks like it has been there forever! Cheers! Sean.

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