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british m76 parachutist helmet

Article about: good morning fellow lid collectors ,things have been very quite on the helmet front for a long time ,but this week picked up this composite para helmet ,i believe this style of helmet was fi

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    Default Re: british m76 parachutist helmet

    It could have been all I know is what I did with it!!! & where it has been sat collecting dust. I'm not sure if these helmets were worn in NI...?. Because their proctection isn't great when it comes to bullets & bombs lol..The reason they stopped us wearing them on the ranges... Cheers Terry.

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    a small update to the helmet ,ive fitted this cover ,purely for display ,
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    The helmet is looking good James. Good to stop shine but not much cop for anything else! Like breaking up the shape!. I saw that soldier too on the news.. I would buy him a pint anyday! I fine soldiering skills .. Cheers Terry.

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    too true terry ,great to see he has recovered well from his wounds ,i cant believe how close he came ,but he had real great bloke tending to him ,im just glad all ended well

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    Yes very lucky the round/bullet must have been coming to the end of it's flight otherwise he wouldn't have a neck!!!. & those medics do amazing job..So both medals well deserved in my eyes.. Cheers Terry

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    Hi James! That lid looks proper "Ally" as always I love the Para lid and the hessian covers are still very popular today. Also saw that news report, Makes me proud our lads are the best of the best! Cheers! Sean.

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    thanks very much sean

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    Loving the latest look of the Para helmet James, the hessian looks great

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    thanks opex ,yes im fond of the hessian look too ,and its link to the past use of it ,i guess if something so simple works then why not
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    Quote by James C View Post
    thanks opex ,yes im fond of the hessian look too ,and its link to the past use of it ,i guess if something so simple works then why militaria

    Check out this wild experiment then James, I'm off work at the bored raided the Greenhouse for Pea netting and hessian tree ties and here's the result!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe I should stick to the Gardening,and not go off on a tangent, maybe I should just cut the grass,trim the hedge,maybe,maybe...

    british m76 parachutist helmet
    british m76 parachutist helmet

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