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british mk6 ddpm cover

Article about: here's a recent pickup for my gs mk6 a desert disruptive pattern material cover ,its pretty salty and has had an extra elasticated band sewn in ,i have a couple of these but in comparison th

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    Default british mk6 ddpm cover

    here's a recent pickup for my gs mk6 a desert disruptive pattern material cover ,its pretty salty and has had an extra elasticated band sewn in ,i have a couple of these but in comparison this one has a very pink coloured sand tone ,would this be an early gulf war issue or latter im not to clued up on these so if any body can advise better ,also i show here the label ,any help appreciated thanks james Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi James, Nice cover! Unfortunately I can't shed any light on when it was produced but I have had more than a few of these desert dpm covers and most have had the same pinkish tone so I don't know whether it might be a general manufacturing trait of these covers. Cheers, Sean.

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    thank you seanyour probably the best bloke to ask on these ,the other tan and sand covers i have seem more subdued on the sand so just wondered why and maybe hoped it was an early pattern cover ,thanks for your interest ,james

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    Hi James mate, I think that's a later style label but don't bet your mortgage on it. The elastic strap is for using as a chinstrap while wearing a respirator if you didn't know

    Again I'm not 100% sure but I think the 1st gulf issued ones were of a looser fabric than the more recent Afghan issue stuff. Kinda like the weight of tropical / jungle kit fabric if you've handled any of that.

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    that is superb info andy i wondered why the extra elastic was quite long and baggy so your info makes perfect sense ,you live and learn mate ,thanks for having a look for us ,cheers james

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    I never knew that either, Cheers Andy. Unfortunately James with all the Brit covers and kit in general I have handled it is still hard to learn a great deal and define the era's because the manufacture has remained the same and we tend to label all our kit so generically. I would purely speculate that the band being stitched in used for wear with the S10 would point more towards the 1st Gulf war use. Andy has a point about the label looking to be more recent but yet again I have seen such a variation in makers labels its hard to say but most covers I have seen that appear to be "older" tend to be marked size as just regular rather than having the size stated as small and medium also. Cheers, Sean.

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    Just to make it more difficult for you mate, and slightly contradict my earlier statement; I think recent stuff has had the date put on the label too, 2006, 2007 etc. This might in fact be an earlier one. I'll have a dig around and see what I've got, if you have a few more of these I'd check the labels for year of manufacture.

    The resi chinstrap could point to first gulf use, or could be from just NBC training. How is the elastic for the foliage and on the black strap?

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    thanks andy the plot thickens just took some pics of my other two ddpm covers unfortunately one has been de elasticatedClick image for larger version. 

Name:	019.jpg 
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    The lower one I'm quite sure is newer, but the gold looking labels remind me of the tags in the pre 95 desert pants and shirts. How many different places made these damn things?! MOD is spectacularly inconsiderate towards the needs of the collector.

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    Haha they are indeed! and I just seen even some of the latest MTP covers are marked as just "regular" so I have no idea lol.

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