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British Mk6 helmet

Article about: Hello! It has been quite a long time since I have last posted here, a few years actually now that I think of it. I do apologize for my extended absence, but the years have treated me kindly

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    I have no idea of what different versions of visor there may be. Obviously there is the Internal Security visor, with the rubber flange, which according to the protective sleeve with mine is made by Helmets Ltd in Hertfordshire. And then there's the de-mining visor which from what I observe has no rubber flange but must have a thicker and stronger facemask altogether. What else? There can't be many other options, surely. Information, please!

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    Quote by James C View Post
    Greg do you know off hand how many visor types there are/were ,My mk6 has the anti mine visor fitted Attachment 1005076
    Returning to this, our mutual friend Composite has queried whether there actually is more than one type of visor for the Mk6. Well, I dunno boss. I am now confused. I have tried researching this and the confusion is not clearing. I do have a severe cold but that's no excuse.

    Let's see. My visor has the large rubber flange mounted at the top edge. This is secured with removable popstuds which are *very* hard to get off (I gave up). As the studs actually go through the transparent visor there will be five holes evident along the top edge if it is removed (and thrown away). The visor you show in your picture, James, does not appear to have those holes. It also looks a little thicker than mine but that could be an illusion. What does this mean? Is there an earlier or different visor that had no rubber flange and was a little thicker (maybe).

    Researching a 'mine visor' for the Mk6 gets me essentially nowhere. Most leads eventually get to a visor like the one I have (with the flange). The most useful may be here, on what may be archived posts on the Army Cadet Force forum - MK6 Helmet, Mine visor? [Archive] - . Here we have people saying things like -
    "Basically these were standard issue in all Royal Engineer G1098 troop stores in the event of having to do silent minefield breaches, the idea being that if it all went bang your face wouldn't get fragged. They were also used as facial protection for public order work. They normally have a green elasticated cover to go over them when in storage."


    "As posted above, used by RE Troops, but more commonly it used to be a standard issue bit of kit for troops serving in Northern Ireland and the early tours of Iraq.
    It was issued as part of a Public Order pack, which also consisted of a 4 or 6 foot shield, a nomex (fireproof) face mask, a hickory stick, arm and leg protectors and baton guns and it was all worn with your issue cold weather long johns and gloves - extremely hard work in the heat of a Belfast summer, never mind in Iraq!
    The face mask I believe has some limited ballistic properties to protect the wearer from blast, but more importantly, from the bottles of bleach, urine and paint that the ever friendly civilians would occasionally throw at you."

    Well then. I wonder. Is there a Internal Security *and* a de-mining visor? I don't know. All I know is that my example has, etched on the extreme left side under the fixing point, the words


    Which when googled gave me a first answer on an Italian militaria forum, referencing "British Helmet GS MK VI. Visor assembly 132-63762" and someone quotes in English ""Internal Security Mod Kit for the GS Mk VI helmet .The kit consists of a visor and a fire proof nape pad. The kit is designed to protect against hand thrown missiles and petrol bombs".

    What does yours have? That's a general enquiry, not just James. This ought to be simple to resolve, surely (not so far). You're welcome to try searching under the NSN number (8415-99-132-6376) but it doesn't help.

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    Thank you Greg and also Composite for digging a little deeper on the variants ,my visor does appear marginally thicker compared to yours but i don't have it in hand at the moment so can only go off pictures i took a few Christmases ago but luckily i took a close up of the etching at the time British Mk6 helmet

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    Quote by James C View Post
    my visor does appear marginally thicker compared to yours but i don't have it in hand at the moment so can only go off pictures i took a few Christmases ago but luckily i took a close up of the etching at the time British Mk6 helmet

    Superb! That solves the two-visor problem conclusively at one fell swoop! There are definately two (at least) visors for the Mk6. If only all queries could be solved so easily. VISOR ASSEMBLY ANTI-MINE. Should find something on that, surely.

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    A pleasure Greg ,I would say yours has better all round face coverage ,my example seems more angular and tapers in at the sides having more in common with the EOD Combat Helmet N.I VisorBritish Mk6 helmet

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    Picked up a face protector to complete the helmet in matching DPM ,This is simply fixed in place to the original horizontal velcro strips fixed inside the helmet rimBritish Mk6 helmetBritish Mk6 helmetBritish Mk6 helmetBritish Mk6 helmetBritish Mk6 helmet

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    There are in fact 3 visors for the mk6 there is the Mine Visor as James has posted the anti riot visor that Greg has posted and also a larger visor that is part of the Mine clearance PPE set at least that's what there is with the Royal Engineers as for other units I don't know

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    Interesting information Kradman ,Thank you

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    Greg can i ask if you know of any minor variations to the mk6 chinstrap i seem to have two examples of the three point and can see a differance between them

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    James......'interesting you mean in structure? material type? other?.....I thought I'd seen a very different material type recently (but can't recall where tho)

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