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British Mk6 helmet

Article about: Hello! It has been quite a long time since I have last posted here, a few years actually now that I think of it. I do apologize for my extended absence, but the years have treated me kindly

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    Quote by Watchdog View Post
    That provokes a few memories for me.
    Is that a Westland Scout helicopter?


    Yes, that's a Scout. I didn't work on them when they were in service but we were still using them for things like Battle Damage Repair training in 1999...

    As in that photo … note the legs of a colleague, who is strengthening the internal structure, sticking out of the bottom hatch … while I file the edges where we've cut away aircraft skin damaged by 'small arms fire'... all while under NBC conditions

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    Here's an odd one....a said-to-be P-Company-used Mk6.

    The inner side has the classic P-Company painted panel (red in this case) for name etc....but it's also got a Mk5 "sock liner" fitted inside (through the strap bolts) and a bespoke hanging strap / snap-closure hook. Underneath the DPM cover (with thick bungee respirator strap) is a small number painted front and's "33" may just be able to make it out......

    British Mk6 helmetBritish Mk6 helmetBritish Mk6 helmet

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    Subtle… for Paras

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    Just a quick update to say that, as at today, I'm not the only 'squaddie' still with one...

    As directing staff on an assessment event today (which involved an assault course & hence required participants to wear helmets), one of the guys was using a Mk6.

    Most did have Mk7 / Virtus though!
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