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British Mk6 helmet

Article about: Hello! It has been quite a long time since I have last posted here, a few years actually now that I think of it. I do apologize for my extended absence, but the years have treated me kindly

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    I may regret NOT buying it in a few years time.....but I’ve got an earlier one (Troop Trial).......

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    To be honest , I had a cheeky bid on it! I was the one at 27.
    I actually would of gone to 80.
    I'm fairness I haven't ever seen one for sale and probably won't again sadly. It would of finished my Mk6 collection .
    ( I might of had to tell the 'long haired General ' that it was a super investment opportunity)

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    In fact the more I think of it, the more I regret not going higher.
    I think although expensive, it was a rare beast.
    I didn't fancy the one with tape on it- I never saw a taped helmet in desert storm. ( just one case of a really dodgy manufactured cover that was silver duct taped in a rather random way)
    Will be interesting to see what the ROAD goes for.

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    I’ll stick with the PECOCs...... :-)

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    Quote by Bendy View Post
    It would of finished my Mk6 collection .
    I certainly wouldn't have gone to eighty, but I do know what you mean. However, what I am genuinely interested in is the idea of it finishing your collection. What is the structure of your Mk6 collection? Every year, every maker, what? I'm a Mk6 fan myself and I'd be hard put to list offhand what all the variants and makers are. Do you actually have a list that you can share?

    I have approximately 30 Mk6 (yes, it's just a big heap as usual, all poorly recorded) and I definately don't have every year (Question - is there in fact an 'every year' anyway, is it reasonable to suppose that helmets were manufactured each calendar year? I doubt it (look at the smal window s of Mk4/5 manufacture)) and I certainly don't have an example of every maker. All knowledge is good.

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    I have approximately 20, so when I say it finishes my collection I mean that I have probably more than enough!
    I do have a couple of rare manufacturers, but like yourself not all by any means.
    What I've tended to do is get an example of all 4 sizes that I know of of.I once saw an incredibly small one at a market stall in Hastings that I regret not purchasing , it didn't have a label and was tatty and over priced. It may have just been a standard small but it looked smaller.
    I tend to go for ones that have a credible history or something interesting about them .
    Like yourself mine are in a pile under a bed and I will get round to looking at them in a bit more detail. I also look for helmets with earlier covers and what we used to call NI attachments for the visors.
    I know it was expensive but as I say - when will the next one turn up?
    Would love a PECOC but never seen one for sale either!

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    It’s funny as although I’ve got 4 PECOCS, I actually bought (according to the dealers/sellers):-

    A special forces US lid from Afghan
    A Brit Mk 7
    A Russian Helmet
    An unissued Kevlar Helmet

    .......they’re out there.....just like those rare Mk6 manufacturers.

    The ‘83 Mk6 has gone to a good home.

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    Bless it's little heart!
    I'll keep on looking- that's half the fun.

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    This is a simple census of my Mk6 collection, makers and dates. I have not been able to include about a dozen helmets because the labels are missing and I am extremely reluctant to remove those irreplacable liner pins and check the crown stamps (they're almost all post-1987 NP Aerospace textured, is my reasonable guess.) I have deleted duplicates (four similar NEI, for example) from the list for clarity.

    Also note, my collection is skewed rather towards the smooth-shells because I have been actively looking for unusual dates/manufacturers. It is reasonable to believe that virtually all post-1987 textured shells are NP - except for the rogue RBR bunch, all examples seen dated 1994.

    1984 NP - SMOOTH
    1985-86 PERMALI - SMOOTH
    1986 NP - SMOOTH
    1988-89 NP - TEXTURED
    1993 NP - TEXTURED
    1994 RBR - TEXTURED

    I'm hopng some of you will improve this list.

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    Quite an impressive list of rare and early m6s!
    Have just spent a good half hour under the bed in the spare room aided by 3 cats and and a very helpful hound, looking at my m6s.
    I've not got anything to add sadly but realised that I had more of them than I thought!

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