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British Mk6 helmet

Article about: Hello! It has been quite a long time since I have last posted here, a few years actually now that I think of it. I do apologize for my extended absence, but the years have treated me kindly

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    'picked up a nice little set at Stoneleigh....'85-dated NP-made Smoothie....with all the trimmings.....and from the look of the side bracket it looks like those fitments have been on it for years!

    British Mk6 helmetBritish Mk6 helmetBritish Mk6 helmet

    ....and all for the price of the neck-guard on it's own....dontcha just love Fairs!

    Whilst on this topic....James raised an interesting question a while ago which I don't think has received suitable attention......he noted that he had a Mk6 helmet strap with a suede chin-cup....'nowt special about that...but that he also had one which was effectively the two straps were lined with suede (one presumes) but NOT part of a "cup"...the middle bit was missing......'anyone?

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    Nice find Ade,I'm going to try do a group picture of my Mk 6's, I am sure they have multiplied since last time checked, I'll try and find that hollow chincup example again also, totally forgot about that one, it's been a while since I asked the question
    Regards James

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