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Cobra / Battleskin / Revision market price

Article about: So, they've started to appear on the market. 'Last I read was that 9,000 had been ordered/supplied to the BA and I saw my first one for sale on eBay a week or so ago. The complete set (helme

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    Default Cobra / Battleskin / Revision market price

    So, they've started to appear on the market. 'Last I read was that 9,000 had been ordered/supplied to the BA and I saw my first one for sale on eBay a week or so ago. The complete set (helmet, Revision bracket and goggles + mandible piece) was going for c950. I've also seen the bracket and mandible piece on a non-Cobra for c500 and about the same price for a bracket and mandible (no helmet). Amongst my thoughts are will "plod" be watching out for early sales as was rumoured for the Mk7....and how fast will the price fall?

    When the 7 came out the earliest one I saw was around 450....and now, if you're lucky, you can pick one up for 45........let's see what happens to the Cobra.....

    And finally....will there be one at W&P next week for fifty quid?.....perhaps not THIS year.

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    Very interesting information composite ,i noticed the very same helmet and thought it well out of my budget ,ive heard rumour of a mk8 helmet but i cant draw any images no matter how hard i try ,only mk7's with what seems a mandible chin extension could this be what they refer too
    thanks ,James

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    Mk8?...'interesting.....personally I've been waiting for a green Mk7..... The Cobra is a totally new can get them direct from the manufacturer (c$2,000)..helmet, bracket and jaw piece...but I've heard nowt about an 8........

    ...lets make a note to re-visit Cobra pricing in early 2018 :-)

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    The new helmet , this is one my friend has been issued thought i would show it out of interest
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    I think if you sell these on feabay you will get a knock on the door and i would think the Mod Police will be looking for them also at the W&P show this year as well as the new body armor system

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    Mate...having just returned...I can assure you there's no Cobra's fact, I can't recall seeing a Mk7......even Mk6s were thin on the ground BUT thanks for sharing your mates day......

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    Very true Composite ,i saw no mk7's ,got into a lot of trouble with her indoors especially when i went back yesterday for a few more purchases ,guess im banned from next year's event

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    You went back?!.....that makes you a veteran now!

    Looking forward to seeing the list......

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    Default work (obsession?) on market pricing continues....

    My latest sample came from Aug-Oct 2017 (I've included a date just in case "The Omega Man" turns out to be a documentary and not a work of fiction OR if the Morlocks really do threaten future existence)....

    Mk7s continue to turn up on Ebay and now they're being joined by Virtus lids (Cobra / Battleskin / Revision etc).

    7s are selling for an average of 78.37 (highest 155.99, lowest 40)......that's a long way from 400, the price I saw my first one for sale at and is only that high due to what Statiticians would call high outlyers

    Interestingly there's been sufficient Virtus (Virti?...what IS the plural of Virtus?) appearing for a similar review - average 322 (highest 399, lowest 200)...I'll wait till they're in a huge box at W&P.....and that assumes that "This item is out of stock" actually translates to "SOLD".....mmmmmmm.... These have been helmet-only prices (inc Cover but EXCLUDING flip-down goggles and mandible protector)...interestingly these two bolt-ons have appeared for sale in their own there's a future pitfall for us all to avoid ie ending up with a SMALL helmet with LARGE jaw protector and MEDIUM goggles.....'note to self.........

    One thing I do predict is that what appears to be a little plastic pop-out NVG bracket "bung"/plug on the Virtus will become the equivalent of those white plastic bullets for the Johnny Seven OMA toy.....we'll know they existed, but no-one will have one!!!!!

    This year the boxes of Mk6 (NOT 6As) have re-appeared at UK Fairs...priced at around 10 (I saw one box at 5) but with dressed-up examples still trying to achieve 20-30....and it's often fun going Box-Diving (errr....that means CARDBOARD box diving!) as one never knows what variants could be hiding in there.

    ......I fear we'll need to put this project on hold till next years cardboard boxes appear.......Stoneleigh in Jan?....Malvern in March........

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    Great thread Adrian and I have been following it with much interest and I do not expect that there will be any great availability on the new Vitrus/Batlskin Revisions ( Due to the fact that it is the current kit of issue ) for some time and this will of course directly effect the price and keep it at a high and for the most part un-affordable dollar figure for some time to come...

    Regards Mark
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    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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