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Croation BK9

Article about: Just to share what i believe is a variation of BK9 composite allthough devoid of any maker label's i gues you get what you pay for ,it came from a good source so why should i doubt it ,to be

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    Default Croation BK9

    Just to share what i believe is a variation of BK9 composite allthough devoid of any maker label's i guess you get what you pay for ,it came from a good source so why should i doubt it ,to be honest i cant tell it apart from my schuberth b826 example's aside from the liner placement mounts so i wonder if made under licence or just a very good copy ?the faded webbing would of originally been black from what i can tell ,glad to pick up the correct cover too and another composite for the ever expanding shelf Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9

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    Do you know, James, I am not so certain this is a Croat helmet. It's sort of half-is half-isn't. Quite baffling. Some of the obvious signs are not there (does it has either the SB or NB stamp in the inside crown?) or there are odd things present I don't expect, like that big area where a label has been removed (No Nial-Busch or Sestan-Busch helmet had labels like that.) There is a sort of clone of the BK9 that was produced by a Bosnian company (TRZ HADZIKI, now defunct) but it isn't really that either. Or it might be - it has, from your photos, more in common with that the its Croat original. Certainly the liner is more similar.

    I don't know of any direct involvement of Schuberth with the Nial-Busch (now Sestan-Busch) in terms of design, but any similarity with the 826 is probably down to co-evolution, the same result appearing from several places at the same time because they're all trying to solve the same problem. This is why the old steel helmet collectors complain that all composites look alike to them. (And they sort of do...see how hard it is to be sure what this is!)

    Are there any tags sewn on to any part of the lining anywhere?

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    Hello Greg thanks for your thought's and input on this one i picked up this helmet from a croation seller at this years war and peace event ,this was the only one devoid of markings and for that reason i got it for quite a reasonable sum ,there were another three identical shell example's behind it for more money and i notice one had NB in the crown and labelled bk9 but im sure the chinstrap was slightly different to this one but i cant be certain on that ,maybe not so washed out as this one ,not that that is any help ,i will look over the webbing to see if i have missed anything and report back

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    Greg ,no markings at all as far as i can tell ,here are some pictures in closer detailCroation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9Croation BK9

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    James, I was there and I went to this stall twice (at least). I certainly remember those helmets and now you bring it to mind I almost certainly had this one in my hand as I remember wondering why it had no normal markings. That was slightly offputting for me because I would prefer an example with some - any - identifying signs and would pay more for it! I didn't really pay that much attention as I have good examples of both the BK9 and the Bosnian TRZ I mentioned above, and my attention had been caught by the bunch of Romanian and Romanian/Dutch helmets on that same table. (I dithered and hesitated about one particular example of a refurbished Dutch helmet, but in the end decided that I didn't want to spend 60 pounds on it right there right then. Of course I regret it now, too late. Just like the virtually mint Canadian CG634 on another stall.

    I think you're right about the chinstrap being different on the other helmet you looked at, and I bet that was badged as NB or SB, and an absolute certain BK9. Another dsign of the tru BK( is that the leather(ette?) headband passes through several fabric retaining loops. The Bosnian copy does not. Also the release clips on the plastic chinstrap catch are at the top of the coupled fixture (I mean when it is closed) and the Croat as a different design in which the release clips are at the bottom when seen in the same position.

    It's really quite difficult to tell without seeing it in hand (your pics are really good on the camo cover but not on the interesting chinstrap...) but I am gradually convincing myself you have the Bosnian model. Which is considerably less common. I could be wrong, but maybe I'm right. It isn't a normal Bk9 anyway. Have a look here

    composite helmets index

    and here

    Composite Helmet, Ballistic helmets, Military helmets CROATIA, CROATIAN CROAT helmet, Kevlar helmet composite helmets index

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    James, your pics were posted while I was writing my last post. Looking at that chinstrap catch I am now sure as I can be working from photos that you have the TRZ-HADZIKI Bosnian version of the BK9.

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    Thanks Greg for the extra information ,funny but i too visited him twice ,firstly i picked up a slovenia T91 at less than half the price they go for on ebay then returned a day or so later hoping he might still have what i thought was a bk9 ,i have a habit of buying helmet's and then doing the research , a habit i really should get out of i saw the canadian compo ,way out of my price range and also looked to box fresh for my taste's anyway ,ill check out the links to composite you kindly highlighted
    thanks again , James

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    Sorry Greg i missed your last post as i was typing ,that is brilliant so Bosnian wow ,even more interesting ,thanks for pin pointing it ,much appreciated

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    I should add if you want to pull any photo's for composite that's fine or maybe i can take better one's for you Greg ,let me know

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    Quote by James C View Post
    i saw the canadian compo ,way out of my price range and also looked to box fresh for my taste's anyway
    Ah, there's the difference, it was the minty clean perfection of it that makes me regret not buying it. Perfect, all its parts, all its labels - could not be better for me! It was the 170 pricetag that put me off, with no real hope of talking him down. That guy knew the value and genuine rarity of that helmet, no question.

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