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Early Production British GS Mk6 Helmet & Nape Protector.

Article about: Hi guys. I have dug out this shiny fellow after seeing James' thread on his Mk6. I might get into collecting these in earnest now as I regularly see them and there are enough variations and

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    Default Early Production British GS Mk6 Helmet & Nape Protector.

    Hi guys. I have dug out this shiny fellow after seeing James' thread on his Mk6. I might get into collecting these in earnest now as I regularly see them and there are enough variations and accessories to keep one interested.

    This one is of the earlier production runs. It has the shiny non textured finish and it is also made of a different material from what I can tell. It seems more stiff and brittle than the more common Mk6, I get the feeling if I swung it hard against a wall it would crack or split. Also the four loops for the liner cord at the crown are brown which is unusual. The chinstrap is made of a much finer and thinner nylon webbing material than the thicker cotton/poly type on other Mk6's. I have a few covers I could put on it but I like this one naked.

    The nape protector is a nice bonus not too often seen. It attaches behind the rear liner pad via a velcro strip. The rear chinstrap bale goes through a button-hole in the protector, and it seems like you need to put it on before you install the chinstrap. I imagine it was installed for use in Northern Ireland in the 80's.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice variant for sure. Is there a date anywhere on the helmet?

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    None that I can see mate, I pulled the liner about as much as I dared and couldn't see anything.


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    NCA is offline


    Good to see these.Thanks for showing.I'd like to know when the mk6 was first introduced and if there was a crossover of issues of the smooth type and the textured type.
    Easy enough to find these but not an un messed with one with original camo cover and sniper tape....

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    a nice example andy its nice that my example inspired you to do the same i know what you mean though sometimes seeing the helmet in its purist form is best as covers can distort the shape completely ,can i ask what the nape section is made from in the padded strips please ,cheers james

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    Depending on who you accept, the intro dates for the Mk6 might be - 1982 (CASQUES DE COMBAT, article by Marcus Cotton), 1982 (Joseba Revuelda, website), 1982 (World War Helmets website), 1984 (Marzetti, ELMETTI), "...from 1986" (Wikipedia), 1987 (Martin Brayley, TIN HATS TO COMPOSITE HELMETS).

    Personally, I do not have much of a clue beyond 'some time in the middle-1980s' and I'm more than happy to have that corrected.

    It seems incredible that something like this is so hard to pin down, but its not the only one; I was once part of a substantial discussion about whether the original British Light Weight Parachutist helmet (the one with the crappy chinstrap catch and vinyl straps) was actually used during the Falklands/Malvinas war. Eventually some unarguably photographic evidence was produced proving that at least some paras used them in 1982. You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find photos of British troops wearing helmets in that conflict - or at least ones that can be identified and not scrimmed beyond recognition. Now, if someone can prove some were wearing the GS Mk6 I would be delighted to hear it!

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    The nape section feels like it is made of cotton or poly blend, I'll take a good look later and edit this if necessary. Around the outer edge of it there is a shaping wire like on windproof smock hoods.

    Thanks chaps!

    Greg I will ask around and see if any light can be shed on the subject of when the Mk6 came into use. I know quite a few ex squaddies, maybe some of them have photos from exercises etc that might bracket some dates for us.

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    You are right. Nape protector was used in Northern Ireland. I was issued one when I was out there. You could fold it up round the back of the helmet when there was no need for it.

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    thanks for the info on the nape section andy ,and greg i know exactly what you mean ,i have a few referance pictures of troops during the falklands conflict and i cant tell what helmets they are because of the heavy scrimming

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    Hi, whats the helmet material?
    Kevlar made?

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