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iraqi fedayeen helmet

Article about: ive been reluctant to post this saddam era helmet here in the composite helmets section as they seem to be a bit of a marmite helmet ,some like it, some not but what the heck ill share it an

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    A rare helmet..

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    Last edited by James C; 09-28-2016 at 06:48 PM.

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    Excellent comparison photos, James, thank you. That tells me exactly what I need to know. Do you mind if I lift one or two for CompoSite, as I know I am not the only person who hasn't got a real idea of the size and shape of these things.

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    As you know James I really like this helmet of yours and whether you like them or not one thing is for sure they wont be getting any cheaper...

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    no problem at all greg and id like to contribute in anyway i can to your great site im just hoping you could crop the pictures to suit your needs

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    thanks for dropping by robin i believe at some time there were reproductions of these comming out of italy
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    James, you should not have any issues with posting this uber rare helmet here my friend, I was looking at comparable models on a French forum I am a member of , and was astounded by the price of these models back in the day, we are talking just over a thousand dollars...I was equally astounded by the fact they have been faked as well as the badge featuring Saddam's handsome profile affixed, which are generally missing from these helmets, and equally faked!!

    My advice for what it's worth...hang onto it , for it could well assist with getting your little girl through Uni some day

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    many thanks gary for your vote of confidence on this one your right mate the prices were astronomical and to be honest way out of my league ,im more a bargain basement type of bloke ,i think its the only way us headgear collectors build up a collection ,i certainly couldnt afford to start up in the hobby now as for the fed helmet the prices seem to fluctuate ,one sold recently on ebay for around 250 quid but who knows in the future ,the price may drop out completely ,great news for the collector

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    Put me on the list of Like's!!!A very unique helmet from a special unit. You can't beat that and with what Opex just mentioned. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner right there!!!!
    Semper Fi

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    great stuff phil and nice to hear from you ,its been a while chicken dinner "i like that one " ill make it a sticky

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