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iraqi m1980

Article about: my latest buy although not a steel helmet but a composite type of some sort i believe these were made but daewoo in south korea the gulf war era m1980 with unknown painted emblems on the sid

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    Very nice looking M80,
    I know next to nothing about these.
    It's time that changed.


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    I had one of these once, the rim was terrible though, the layers of material were all separating. Nice example of a lid from modern history.

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    thanks guys for the great replies ,i really like these lids and as battle gear said there full of character and im sure no two m80s are similar ,each one seems to have different wear and tear marks making each one unique thanks MM for the info regarding these lids ive learnt something new about them , i think there ballistic qualities are a lot to be desired and offer about as much protection as a construction workers hard hat and kradspam its sounds from your description that your's was the m90 model i believe these were fitted with a rubber trim as the rim tended to delaminate over time this doesnt seem to be the case on the m80 .james

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    You are probably right by the sound of it mate, although the rubber band was not present on mine. It must have become detached. If I remember right I got it through a British soldier from the Parachute Regt so the nature of it's capture was probably not delicate

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    Here are a couple photos of our M90 and you are correct, the rubber bumper was to protect the edge from chipping and delaminating. Hard to belive the Iraqi's came up with a worse constructed helmet than the previously used M80 (South Korean M78).

    Attachment 390130

    Attachment 390131

    Seems like about 1/2 of the M90s are missing the rubber bumper. Not sure if they were issed that way or of they simply fell off in the field.



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    Hi James.

    Excellent examples, when time allows I will post up my Iraqi collection.

    I am a big fan of these genre helmets, and the more scratched up and Arabic script the better ( not that I can read Arabic sadly).

    My first one was a bring back from a local RMC, but over time, and my poor memory, I forgot where he picked it up!!!

    Look forward to more from your collection.

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    I was in a room with shelves full of about fifty or so of these several weeks ago. A local dealer purchased all he could find, mainly from US vets from the Gulf War. He has been sitting on some of them for 10 plus years.

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