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K-Pot Pickup

Article about: His desire to be in the mix is a bit macho in some manner, but it goes deeper than that and is hard to explain to those who haven't been. Not a slam against anyone, but it is so. As much as

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    Default K-Pot Pickup

    Wasnít really looking for a PASGT but we stumbled on to this one and the price was right so we couldnít pass it up. Tag said it was from Desert Storm but I have no way to verify this and the Woodland Cover would seem out of place. The Woodland cover I do believe help dates this to an early PASGT however.

    K-Pot Pickup

    K-Pot Pickup

    K-Pot Pickup

    Iíll have to do a little digging to see if I can find any reference to the Woodland Cover being used in Desert Storm. But either way, itís a nice addition to the shelf. Itís a size XS.

    Russ & Son

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    Default Re: K-Pot Pickup

    Very nice PASGT helmet, yours has that used look, where as mine was unissued. Can you take a pic of the inside where the date could be?

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    Default Re: K-Pot Pickup

    Thanks, I'll try and get a shot of it and post it a bit later today or in the morning, I've not been too successful with that kind of detail with me dime store digital camera, but we give her a go. I tried to read the inside markings and had a bit of a hard time, even with a magnifying glass, all I could really make out was that it was a size Extra Small and I could make out that it had an NSN, but I didn't honestly look too hard.

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    Default Re: K-Pot Pickup

    Well if it's extra small, I've got a correct 6 color unissued Desert storm camo. Size X- Small / Small. PM me and maybe we can work out a price. I originally got it for mine it was too small.

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    Default Re: K-Pot Pickup

    Thanks for the offer....think we're gonna keep this one just as is. Hopefully we'll stumble on another (maybe a MICH, ACH or LWH), that is a bit more verifiable and with a desert cover and marking, so we can display both.

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    Default Re: K-Pot Pickup

    No worries Enjoy your PASGT, I love mine. Heavy little helmet they are. Take care

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    Default Re: K-Pot Pickup

    There were plenty of Woodland covers in Desert Storm. Same goes for the BDU's. There were not enough of the desert uniforms in the logistical system to provide all units with them. Mainly, it was the units coming from Germany that were still kitted up in the woodland colors as they were the last to arrive. In the end, it really didn't matter much what scheme the uniforms were, since they were all covered by the MOPP suits. Which for the most that I know of, were either the earlier solid OD or the newer woodland camo pattern! Go figure, huh? And the woodland covers and Kpots were used well into early 07 at the least until the new ACH's and Universal Camo pattern made it's way into the hands of all the units. Most units wouldn't receive the new UCP items and ACH's until they were issued before deployment, and folks that didn't have one from a previous deployment made due with the Kpot.

    For a couple years, soldiers were a motley crew until the newer UCP was produced in numbers enough to kit all the soldiers in a uniform fashion. I had all three color schemes on me In Iraq for a period. Woodland, DCU and the new UCP!!

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    Default Re: K-Pot Pickup

    HoovieDud, thanks for all the great info. Thought I had read someplace that the Woodlands was in Desert Storm, in small numbers, don't remember if it stated the reason why. Clear as a bell now. I've got a Nephew in AFgan right now, just saw him this past weekend (on a two week vac) and in some of the photos he showed me, some of the guys were in a Woodland like camo (not sure what they are called). Asked him why and he told me that the Army has determined that it really does not matter, a green spot in the desert looks just as natural.

    Thanks again for the input.


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    Default Re: K-Pot Pickup

    My pleasure Russ. And the pattern he is wearing now is called "Multi-cam", or the official term for it is "OCP", which stands for Operational Camoflauge Pattern. The "Army" as it is, cannot make up its mind on what the right pattern should be. Why the UCP was chosen over this pattern initially is still a good topic for conversation, which usually ends with "and the one who made it the official choice and implemented it should be put in prison for waste, fraud and abuse of funds!". After billions of dollars in purchasing everything from ponchos, uniforms, pouches, plate carriers to sleeping bags in the UCP they start to issue the multi-cam after realizing there was nothing Universal in it! Although officially the multi-cam is only for Afghanistan bound units, most of us believe that eventually it will be the full replacement for the UCP. Half of the Army is going to have had it issued anyway, by the time we eventually leave that region. I know going back when the R&R is over is sometimes more difficult than initially leaving for the deployment .Hope the nephews remaining time goes fast, and most importantly safe.

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    Default Re: K-Pot Pickup

    Again, thanks GoovieDude for all the great info.....

    My nephew goes back, I think, on Thursday. He's got till March, I think it is, until his deployment is up. He spent the first couple of months with his SF unit in the mix of things but he got lucky and now he's out of harms way, for the most part anyway, doing some type of ground command logistics deal for the SF's working under some big wig. He likes it well enough but says he'd rather be in the mix. Myself I think it's just him macho talking, but who knows, some guys like the bullet flying thing I guess.....not for me. Thanks for the kind thoughts...we all hope for his safe return as well.


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