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my b826 composite

Article about: Excellent looking duo James, I like the look of the covers you managed to pick up, just out of interest did the M-53 cover has holes for the chinstraps to go through mine didn't and it puzzl

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    Default my b826 composite

    here's my b826 composite ,a helmet issued to many countries ,some people vote this as the best helmet of the 20th century ,looking back over this helmet ive always assumed it was german bundeswehr issued ,as the label states bund ,from further research im now thinking it might very well be a dutch m95 ,which is basically the same helmet in every way ,this one is dated 2003 and made spain by induyco ,as you can see ive picked up a few different covers along the way .firstly the belgium m95 jigsaw pattern and then the german covers in temperate and desert my b826 compositemy b826 compositemy b826 compositemy b826 compositemy b826 compositemy b826 compositemy b826 compositemy b826 compositemy b826 compositemy b826 compositemy b826 composite
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    Superb display again James, I particularly like the Troperntarn cover with the para cord threaded through the loops, very effective.

    Also interesting that this Helmet was made by Induyco, that company have had some really good contracts over the years, I have a British DDPM Jacket made by this company bizarrely enough.

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    That's definately a German Bundeswehr helmet - see the telling detail of 'BUND.' on the label! The Dutch version - aka the M95 - is of course extremely similar but none have this kind of label, only a stamp somewhere in the shell (usually where it is least visible, right at the back. And most - if not all - have as part of the chinstrap rig the wellknown Dutch arrowhead push-pull fastener.

    See also composite helmets index

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    well greg ,thank you so very much on the authentincity of this bundeswehr gefechtshelm ,i honestly had my doubts and was leaning more towards the dutch version ,im glad in a way as ive always based this using bundeswehr covers for display ,you have now put those doubts to rest ,now would this be in the same specification as the danish issued version ive also heard conflicting reports that the french spectra was used

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    OK, regarding the Danes, as far as I know the standard issue helmet (until recently) was a French-made Gallet helmet which was similar to but NOT identical to the Spectra F2. For start it has visible liner bolts to sides and rear, for another it has a completely different chinstrap rig closely resembling (if not actually identical to) that of the Canadian CG634. That being said the 826 *was* used in small numbers by the Danes, often in distinctive colours (UN, local defence forces etc) as well as in standard green(ish). These have only the simple Schuberth white stamping as a label, but those in the know say there should also be the word 'Gron' (Danish = Green) included in the stamp. I have not seen this.

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    now that is very interesting greg and many thanks for the superb links too,ive got to admit its a minefield out here regarding the different countries issued with these and other similar licence build models ,everything was so simple before composites

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    ive been fooling around with one more cover ,i know the czech republic used a two colour pattern desert cover in iraq on there b826's,but how hard are they to find ,so just to give the impression i have used a spare british ddpm cover insteadmy b826 compositemy b826 compositemy b826 compositemy b826 composite

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    Hi James, very nice to see this helmet with a DDPM cover,looks good.

    I have just sourced an 826, I won't know what it actually is until it arrives ,whether it is German ,Belgium, or any other nation is a mystery at this stage ???

    I have a few suitable covers in storage,so depending on it's origin hopefully I will be able to cover it in something suitable!

    BTW,how easy are the liners to remove, just in case I need to remove mine to aid my identification??


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    I really like the German issue desert cover is it? I would'nt mind getting one of these lids, It displays really well. Great show James! Cheers, Sean.

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    Quote by Opex View Post

    BTW,how easy are the liners to remove, just in case I need to remove mine to aid my identification??
    Getting the liner out is easy enough, its getting it back in again that is somewhat testing. To be honest I'm really good at taking helmets apart, but useless at putting them together again. I am fortunate in that I can hand that over to Catherine, my partner, who is much more adept than I (she fixes the car, works with computer hardware, does a bit of plumbing...she just has a supernatural way of seeing the relationship between what to me has become a heap of dissociated parts...) But that being said, the 826 really is a bit fiddly to reassemble. Fortunately you almost certainly will not need to do it except out of idle curiosity (my downfall). The variants can usually be identified without the aid of a screwdriver - see here for some hints - composite helmets index .

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