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My bros kevlar helmet

Article about: this is the helmet my brother gave to me before he went to afganistain . he said the he has newer helmet now. but i thought this would make a good item for my collection. he said there were

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    Quote by reneblacky View Post
    IMHO take it off
    yea i have thanks. hope no one will see this as being untrustworthy of people on this forum just thought better be safe then sorry.

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    Why Take it off??? It not like it's a bunch of Marines pissing on a dead tailban fighter. But then again It depends on the theater they are in. I know after the pissing incident. They were told " NO more camera in the battle area". Who would have thought that pissing on the enemy would have caused such reaction!!!!!}8)

    Semper Fi

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    Mr Geelong I wouldn't post any pictures of myself on here working..As you NEVER know who is on the web.."Loose lips sink ships"..Mums the word so on & so on...Cheers Terry.

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    great looking helmet and nice design cammo , i like it very much ,hope your brother is doing well ,he's a hero ,regards james

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