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My new US Marines Gentex LWH 1st type.

Article about: Thanks James! I love this lid, I am already getting the urge to swap the cover round but will try and leave it as it is and display desert on my type 2 if I get it. US kit is just top notch

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    Default My new US Marines Gentex LWH 1st type.

    Hi All! I have wanted one of these helmets since I was first aware they existed and finally, I have one! Got it of ebay brand new unissued, Size Medium dated 06 I think, Made by the Gentex corporation. I love the EGA logo on the neck pad! The cover is a commercial copy and is too large for the lid but will do as a temporary fix. Anyone who has a genuine Marpat cover size medium for this helmet and may be willing to part with it, Please, Please let me know I will buy or trade for one. They are next to impossible to find in the UK and I haven't even seen any on ebay US. The NVG setup is genuine taken originally from the newer model LWH also bought of ebay. Hope you like as much as I do! It will bug me until I get the correct cover but I am just glad I have the lid itself really! Next pay day I am going after the newer model, But expect one of them to set me back a fair bit! Cheers Sean.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Nice buy sean,dont really know too much about these compo lids as there's so many types and nationalities using them but looks good mate,I would be pleased too, well done anyway and im sure the others will visit and pay homage soon..........
    With Regards Jake.

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    Thanks Jake! Yeah I never really took interest in them until more recent years and now I can't get enough of them, The US lids anyway! This is the LWH (light weight helmet) 1st type issued only to the USMC. The 2nd type also made by Gentex I believe is largely the same but finished in a sand/tan color and has the same hook pad liner system as the ACH (advanced combat helmet) I am going to go ahead and buy one of the type 2 next month but I am looking at paying around a couple hundred for one in unissued condition with issue cover. I also have an M1C on its way. (not original I am afraid) but restored by toppots I believe, With westinghouse liner so should be able to post that up tomorrow or weds! Cheers, Sean.

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    Go sean Go,your on a roll my man,I too bagged 2 at the weekend,can't wait either,good luck with the ACH............
    With Regards Jake.

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    Cheers Jake pal! I love the anticipation of waiting for new lids to arrive lol. Do I presume right in thinking we can look forward to seeing your new additions posted at some point my friend? Cheers, Sean.

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    Good lid there Sean. I don't much about these helmets!! Everybody now days seem to wear rimless helmets if that is the right term!!. I have helmet which we called Gentex "rimless" somewhere! no cover I just sprayed it like you do!!. I should try to dig it out at somepoint??. Cheers Terry.

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    nice pickup sean ,and great composite line up too they look great with all the covers ill have to keep my eyes peeled for the gentex model ,i only got as far as the pasgt ,keep up the great work ,cheers james

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    Cheers Terry & James I am very happy with this one! I really do love the US composites. I am not sure myself Terry but if you can dig it out and post some pics I would love to see it bud! Like said I am pretty certain I will skint myself pretty much right away next month and get the new model as well! Then I would like an MSA (mine safety appliance) produced ACH with multicam to match my Gentex UCP covered ACH. Then just maybe I think I could call my US display complete! Cheers, Sean.

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    Hi Sean, fantastic addition to your composite collection buddy. When I first saw one these models I was very impressed by the nape strap /liner modifications over the original Pasgt. Having not seen one in the flesh as it were ,are there any significant differences in the shape of the shell the side sections look slightly different to my eyes, and is the brim shorter than than the original.

    I find it ironic that the USMC was using the old M1 well into the 80's whilst the Army had the Pasgt as standard at the time, only for the Marine's to out do the Army with this beauty!!

    I can relate to your desire to replace the Marpat cover with an EGA original too,all said and done the more I look the more I like ,congrats on sourcing it my friend

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    Cheers Opex buddy! I haven't put this one down much lol. It has fast become my favorite US lid. The liner & chinstrap are so well designed and as you said they really out done the army with this beauty. There is a few subtle changes but the shell remains exactly the same shape & profile size as my medium pasgt, the differences are, The shell is thinner, Thus making it lighter in weight and it is minus the screw holes for the pasgt chinstrap. Finding a cover is a hard task! I have been looking even on US sites and still can't find one. Fingers crossed, Hopefully soon! Cheers, Sean.

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