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My pimped out ACH lid

Article about: Hi Guys, I should add that the MoD police do view the forum and tour shows looking for current issue items which have not be officially released. Cheers, Ade.

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    looks great nick i cant get over the amount of accessories available i can imagine its quite addictive collecting every item even down to a matching cover for the goggles the surefire looks great illuminated what goes on the rhino mount some sort of visual aid? i would love this in my collection ,not to go off at a tangent but ive heard wether its true or not that squaddies have been privately purchasing the british mk7 from the likes of internet auctions

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    cheers mate

    it is very addictive there's so many bits & pieces out there for this type of lid its mind blowing but you could end up over doing it & it'll end up looking ridiculous

    as for the Rhino mount there would be night vision goggles attached to the end which im thinking about buy a dummy version of from japan just to show what it looks like with them attached

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