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Russian composite

Article about: Hi everyone, this is my Russian composite. First time trying to post photos

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    Default Russian composite

    Hi everyone, this is my Russian composite.
    First time trying to post photos
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Russian composite   Russian composite  

    Russian composite   Russian composite  

    Russian composite   Russian composite  

    Russian composite  

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    Thank you.

    There are many Repros for sale....Id like to know how to tell the difference....does anyone know?

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    Here are a few of my observations - I'm sure there are many more.
    The side rail and nvg mount are firmly fixed in place with screws that are covered internally by another patched layer of composite material, the reproduction ones have a visible bolt on the inside.
    Repros are not marked or stamped in anyway that I've seen yet.
    The 'protective bandiing' around the rim is a of a much finer type of material and fixed way more profesionally.
    The colour of repros seem to be the classic Soviet ww2 olive, originals seem to be greener ( but I've only seen 2 originals, so there maybe different shades out there!)
    The repros are just that, badly made and just don't feel right ( I think anyone that's handled a modern helmet would suss them out in seconds)
    The repro are actually heavier than the amazingly light original, which makes Virtus and ACH feel like a
    concrete block by comparison.
    Most repros have original liners and chinstraps which seem to be in abundance.
    As to be expected an original just looks well produced and rather capable.

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    Looks Like the 6B 47 "Ratnik" thanks for sharing
    Regards James

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    My Only Russian Composite .6B27 with Russian Federation Federal Security Service Multi terrain camo cover Russian compositeRussian composite
    Regards James

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    Looks good!
    I didn't know the Russians used multi terrain.
    Are the goggles Russian issue?

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    I really like that digital flora camo, but at more than a few yards away it looks solid green. Nice lid.
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

    I'm Spartacus, not really i'm Paul!...

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    Thanks Bendy Multicam used By FSB security agency ,the goggles are Russian issue Russian compositeRussian compositeRussian composite
    Regards James

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    That's what I like about this forum, learning !
    I got a snow cover, two balaclavas and an extra chinstrap/ liner assembly with mine.
    Bizzarly I got mine off an ex Russian solder on a building site in London. I also got a brand new 54 dated pshh 40 and a pshh67.
    Hope I've got the models right ! I'm far from an expert on militaria, but have a big interest

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    He's my P7...I think I've posted it somewhere here...somewhere.....

    Russian compositeRussian composite

    Don't you just love the quality of Russian Compo liners? :-)

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