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serbian m89 composite

Article about: i posted a thread about this m1989 helmet a while back but thought id show again with better pictures ,it must be made of kevlar as you can see the weave where the paint has peeled away from

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    great link too ,is it possible to translate this site into plain old english ,thanks again, james

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    Very interesting discovery James, I would have been very surprised to discover this myself but also would add more interest to this helmet, which it does

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    hello James,

    This should do it. .: World War Helmets - Casque Modèle 89 :.

    Cheers, Emile

    BTW apparently it does not!

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    Hello James C! It is nice to see that you have Yugoslavian/Serbian helmets!
    I am from Ex Yugoslavia, now Serbia and I have plenty of helmets (non used, and used in Balkan wars in the 90s). In Serbia, it is really easy to buy a helmet. We have military surplus stores where you can find anything from ex JNA (Jugoslovenska Narodna Armija), but after 2010, Serbian army sold all of his reserves from the 80s 90s, so now, the situation for the collectionists are not good... But I bought so many things after 2000 If I can ask you, how much money you spent for these helmets?

    Here are my kevlar helmet (non used - I have a mini users manual for this helmet too!, with original decal set).

    serbian m89 compositeserbian m89 compositeserbian m89 compositeserbian m89 composite

    Have a nice day, and greetings from Serbia!

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    hello arpi and welcome to the forum i cant remember exactly how much i paid for the composite as ive had it a few years but i should imagine it was quite reasonable to fit my budget ,the steel m59/85's of which im fond of as you can tell are really cheap to buy here in the uk allthough ive noticed they have increased slightly ,perhaps for the same reasons you mention recently ,here is my small collection of helmets ,your m89 really is in superb condition ,mine has lost paint here and there and it seems to shed paint at the slightest touch so if i could advise you to handle yours kindly to preserve it for the future ,mine has areas of the kevlar weave showing but this was an issued helmet ,nice to here from you and im sure we could all benefit from your presence here on the forum regards james serbian m89 compositeserbian m89 composite

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    I am looking to buy one of these m89s, however the bottom is sharp-edged like a steel helmet. Was the rim around the edge made from a seperate rubber/plastic, and is it difficult to replace at all?

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