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UK Helmet Parachute breakdown.

Article about: Oh, the enquiring mind. Here are some pictures of the inside bits and pieces of a British paratroop helmet. First the establishing shots of the outside and basic interior, and the rarely-see

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    I feel certain that the brow-pads are *not* colour coded. The white leather(ette?) is the original form of the first series GRP (usually Thetford-made) series, the black is the standard for the more common NP product. Any brown ones are down to plain old sweat and dirt on the original white ones.

    I'd certainly like to see the liners without the cork breakouts. I haven't encountered one yet. Anyone got any pictures? Although I do wonder if you mean some of the early liners, where the cork panel is inset into the polystyrene layer, and when removed the poly would look intact when viewed from the inside.

    We tried the 'two-man job' idea, (actually one man-one woman job) with little more success, although overall I'd say Catherine is rather better at removing the bolts than I am. She's quite strong and very determined. The ex-Armourer I correspond with did suggest a Bren tool, but in effect my cut-down 2p piece and bit of broomhandle comes to the same thing. At the death, those nuts are just damned hard to undo, that's the top and bottom of it.

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    Here is the list of NSNs

    NSNs Model 76 Para Helmet

    NSN Part # Cage List Description
    8415-99-132-4573 HELMET,PARACHUTISTS' ('Helmet, Parachutists, Light Weight' - Small Complete)
    8415-99-132-4573 QMMR320 K0183 HELMET,PARACHUTISTS' ('Helmet, Parachutists' - Small Complete)
    8415-99-132-4573 UKSC4513-PAT1039 K1368 HELMET,PARACHUTISTS' (Helmet, Parachute - Small Complete)
    8415-99-132-4574 HELMET,PARACHUTISTS' ('Helmet, Parachutists, Light Weight' - Medium Complete)
    8415-99-132-4574 QMMR320 K0183 HELMET,PARACHUTISTS' ('Helmet, Parachutists' - Medium Complete)
    8415-99-132-4574 UKSC4513-PAT1040 K1368 HELMET,PARACHUTISTS' (Helmet, Parachute - Medium Complete)
    8415-99-132-4575 HELMET,PARACHUTISTS' ('Helmet, Parachutists, Light Weight' - Large Complete)
    8415-99-132-4575 QMMR320 K0183 HELMET,PARACHUTISTS' ('Helmet, Parachutists' - Large Complete)
    8415-99-132-4575 UKSC4513-PAT1041 K1368 HELMET,PARACHUTISTS' (Helmet, Parachute - Large Complete)

    8415-99-132-4576 A0/3733 SHELL,PARACHUTISTS (Small)
    8415-99-132-4577 A0/4387 SHELL,PARACHUTISTS (Medium)
    8415-99-132-4578 A0-4400 SHELL,PARACHUTISTS (Large)

    8415-99-132-4579 UKSC4513 K1368 LINER,PARACHUTISTS (Small)
    8415-99-132-4580 UKSC4513 K1368 LINER,PARACHUTISTS (Medium)
    8415-99-132-4581 UKSC4513 K1368 LINER,PARACHUTISTS (Medium)

    8415-99-132-4582 QMMR320 K0183 CRADLE AND HEADBAND (Small)
    8415-99-132-4582 UKSC4513-PAT1042 K1368 CRADLE AND HEADBAND
    8415-99-132-4583 QMMR320 K0183 CRADLE AND HEADBAND (Medium)
    8415-99-132-4583 UKSC4513-PAT1043 K1368 CRADLE AND HEADBAND
    8415-99-132-4584 QMMR320 K0183 CRADLE AND HEADBAND (Large)
    8415-99-132-4584 UKSC4513-PAT1044 K1368 CRADLE AND HEADBAND

    8415-99-132-4587 QMMR320 K0183 PAD,SIZE ADJUSTING
    8415-99-132-4587 UKSC4513 K1368 PAD,SIZE ADJUSTING
    8415-99-132-4588 UKSC4513 K1368 CLIP (???)
    5305-99-132-4589 UKSC4513 K1368 SCREW,MACHINE
    5305-99-132-4589 UKSC4513 K1368 SCREW,SELF-LOCKING
    5310-99-132-4590 UKSC4513 K1368 NUT,SLEEVE
    8315-99-138-6063 UK/SC/4513 K1368 BRAID,TEXTILE (? Lace in the Cradle?)

    8415-99-977-4687 UK/SC/4513 K1368 STRAP ASSEMBLY,CHIN
    8415-99-977-4688 UKSC4513 K1368 RETENTION STRAP ASSEMBLY

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