A Very good friend of mine in the NL sent me this as a gift, this was found near the Canadian Cemetery at Grosbeck (?)
Someone was doing work not from from the Cemetery while my friend was taking photos of some names for the May 8th SOE OSS Camp X event I am putting on, he spotted this in the pile of dirt, ( this was NOT in the Cemetery but about 200 Meters away, and No Americans are in that Cemetery)

He explained that only the 101 used the Camo chutes for that jump

Funny, a Friend of his traded me a smaller bit of a camo chute he found in a construction site near Nijmegan a few years ago, now that I have the larger one, I may let the smaller piece go.

I find it amazing how well the silk has stood all the time in the ground

He is looking for a dug British release parachute buckle for me from Arnhem..he has found a couple, however he insists on finding me a really nice one..to me it does not matter..I want one for my dug up collection

Dean O

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