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120mm shell

Article about: hello!does anyone know what shell this is and what eplosives was in it?(found in finland)it was 2 different explosives,1 in the center(hard,tnt?) and the other was around it(brown soft) http

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    Quote by redxeye View Post
    i will tell god greetings from you all
    How do you know you are going that way?

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    because its so dangerous 120mm shell and it will blow me UP^ the sky...

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    found some text on it under the rust
    IIX.3Y-BY.343.(75) not sure about the 2 last ones

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    Exclamation Re: 120mm shell: Not with a 200 foot pole

    I have a friend that is one of the formost experts on ordinance in the world. He has requented this list. He once had a bad experience with a shell's fuze and lost an eye because of it. He no longer will touch EXOs... He was lucky. A friend had a appointment to join his buddy to empty a WW2 8.8cm projectile thay had found. He was 20 mins late. When he got there his friends house was gone and the small bits of his friend were being gathered by police from where they were plastered all over the neighborhood. He no longer hunts for EODs.

    This stuff is just as powerfull.. and even more dangerous than when it was new. The parafin the Germans used to pour explosives can outgass over the years and deposit pure TNT crystals between the screw threads of the fuze. When you turn the fuze to remove it.... that's all she wrote.

    I bought an AZ-23 from a collector in France on e-bay. When I got it I put it on a 8.8cm projectile for display. I sent a pic of it to that expert I mentioned... he said "BEAUTIFUL example... but you do realize it's live don't you?" Er no... I didn't realize it. Can't sell it ....

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    i know they are dangerous!it had no fuse and it was half empty,just turned it around ant the tnt rods came out and i flushed the "brown " stuff out with a water hose!!!!i would not had touche it if the fuse were there!
    i think its much more dangerous those who dig up projectiles/mortar granades with the fuse in place!

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    Quote by redxeye View Post
    found some text on it under the rust
    IIX.3Y-BY.343.(75) not sure about the 2 last ones
    The 343 is almost certainly a date stamp and the BY before it the manufacturers code. The IIX is probably the explosive 'fill' code.

    Please be careful !!! Leave live shells like this WELL alone !!

    Steve T

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    thanks!yes i will

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    At least any of explosive materials is hardly prosucute by law, by any of that reasons don't tuch it and sleep good after

    my Skype: warrelics

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