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20mm galore!

Article about: Looking good CB.....looking good. Some more excellent finds

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    Bloody hell CB ! Got enough 20mms ? Nice mortar tail as well

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    113 i think

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    That's obscene. Mind you, saying that I've got upwards of 300 50cals and about 100 20mms so I shouldn't moan really. Although I must say I am now on the verge of being fed up with 303s. Got more than a 1,000 of them now and I get very slightly moody, (shut up Dave), when I dig one nowadays

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    1000! whats the scrap price these days?

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    Dunno. Ask John......he's always down the scrap merchants. Sometimes he even takes some scrap metal with him......

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    well done CB that's a nice haul of 20mms and in great condition too!

    that's a hell of alot of 20mms you've got now are they all from this site?

    Scrap prices are great atm, last year i got over 200 from just keeping those junk bits of Alloy, Brass, copper and lead. Almost ready for another weigh in

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    yep WH all from the same site and im only scraping the surface.

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    20mm galore!
    A few more to add to the pile

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    Quote by cornishboy View Post
    Hi PB, just jotted head stamps down for the 20mm's
    ST 1942-43 Royal Ordnance Factory, Steaton
    K2 1943-44 Kynoch (I.C.I.), Standish, UK (1943-1944)
    H 1944 Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT

    303 (the only legible one) GB 1943 VII Greenwood & Batley Ltd, UK

    UW,thanks for the warning,i'll certainly keep my eye out, they look mean little buggers dont they?
    A minor correction;

    H on British 20mm Hispano cases is Halls Telephones Ltd.

    Winchester never made 20mm ammunition, either for the American or British governments.

    British Military Smallarms and Ammunition
    Collector, Researcher and Pedant

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