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20mm galore!

Article about: Looking good CB.....looking good. Some more excellent finds

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    Default 20mm galore!

    I went to a mystery site today,never been before.In a short space of time i managed to get weighed down with these
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 100_3297_2.jpg   100_3298.jpg  

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    Default Re: 20mm galore!

    I am SOOOOOO pleased for you CB About time you found a good site, and that one looks a little corker. Are they all WW2 dated ?

    If you're finding 20s, at the target end you may also find the heads. Careful with these as they are notoriously bad tempered and have a charge big enough to remove a hand quite easily

    Great finds !!! I bet you swore like a trooper when the first and second ones came out..........

    Steve T

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    Default Re: 20mm galore!

    Thanks Steve,well,most are dated 42 - 44 i'll post up the head stamps when i get a chance.and yes i swore like a trooper,but only when the 30th came out as i needed to get back.i'll definately be going back there soon
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    Default Re: 20mm galore!

    Very nice CB.

    US or British 20mm?

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    Default Re: 20mm galore!

    Nice find~!

    A little elbow grease and green sratch pad and they'll clean up nicely!
    But like Steve mentioned, the actual "bullets" are unstable and dangerous so~
    Some are solid, armor piercing and seem to be safe, but if you see'em with a screwed
    on head then best to leave'em be. They contain explosives/white phosphorus.
    Some "after cleaning" pictures would be cool!

    Here's a few pics of ones I picked up without being completely aware of what I
    was picking up~
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture DSC00077.jpg   DSC00078.jpg  

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    Default Re: 20mm galore!

    Hi PB, just jotted head stamps down for the 20mm's
    ST 1942-43 Royal Ordnance Factory, Steaton
    K2 1943-44 Kynoch (I.C.I.), Standish, UK (1943-1944)
    H 1944 Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, CT

    303 (the only legible one) GB 1943 VII Greenwood & Batley Ltd, UK

    UW,thanks for the warning,i'll certainly keep my eye out, they look mean little buggers dont they?

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    Default Re: 20mm galore!

    Yes, they do~! I hate to imagine being on the receiving end of a strafing with those.

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    Default Re: 20mm galore!

    A few more finds,only a couple of hours too! any info on the bomb tails much appreciated
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 100_3299.jpg   100_3300.jpg  

    100_3301.jpg   100_3303.jpg  

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    Default Re: 20mm galore!

    Could they be mortar tails?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 100_3305.jpg  
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    Default Re: 20mm galore!

    lower portion of 3inch base ejection mortar rounds

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