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3 Relic German Bayonets

Article about: Nice big huntsman there!!!!!! I hate the's like those camel spiders in iraq

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    Well I have these 3 bayo, a relic M 35, a relic 50 cal I found near Darwin, lots of relic bullet projectiles, and other odds and sods I picked up off old airfields in Darwin,and a German ww2 ammo tin. I like relics and tend to buy stuff that appeals to me at the spur of the moment, so I have a mix of relics and normal militaris

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    Nice...I like the one in the middle the best. I also Like the mat (medals board) you used for the bar's table top too. haha

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    Ha, that's a bar mat made by the RSL, or VFW or British legion equivalent. They are on bars at the clubs and I happened to score one for my bar....has all the medals issued to Aussies from WW 1 to Iraq

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    The one in the middle still has a good edge on it.

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    Nice to see them going to a good home! I'm after an Eastern Front medal myself, in honour of 2 relatives lost.

    There was a "dress" bayonet on the market recently, don't know quite what it was but it didn't 'feel right' if you know what I mean. Unless it'd been kept wrapped in velvet or such like for 70 years it was only about 15 years old. 45 quid he wanted too! I tried not to laugh too much.


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    I suppose at least with items like this you can pretty much say they are real. I mean who would take a 200 buck bayonet and destroy it to make 30

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    Quote by qotd View Post
    I just gve them a wash in some warm soapy water and a wire brush, I doubt oxialic acid will bring them up any better, where all the markings would be is heavily them a hit with the fish oil will stabilise whats left and make a nice addition to my stuff!!!

    Actually its amazing what customs lets thru, they still had german mud on them.....I got a relic ammo tim form the ukraine, when I opened it it has scary russian spider eggs in it!
    Ammo tin from Russia with spider eggs.
    Sounds like the beggining of a scary movie about mutant spiders from Chernobyl .


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    Believe me out came the mortien and it got sprayed, all the eggs were crush and then set on fire.....I hate spiders, eight legged spawn of Satan, especially scary Chernobyl russian ones

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    Why do you think I moved to Qatar? To get away from the massive Queensland spiders!

    Check out this hairy bugger I found in my bathroom one time...

    3 Relic German Bayonets

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    (''shiver'') wow thats one ugly spider! It was like a jack-in-the-box but instead of a box it was a relic ammo tin and instead of a clown it was a giant spider with a bunch of eggs!

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