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44th Bomb Group B-24 Dig - Halvergate Marshes, Norfolk

Article about: thank you for sharing the other photos..Are you planning to try and contact any relatives?

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    thank you for sharing the other photos..Are you planning to try and contact any relatives?

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    Quote by ian_ View Post
    Interesting report thanks. Is that a piece of the control yoke with the arrow?
    Well spotted Ian!

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    Ian -

    Yes, I found it when the first bucket of spoil was tipped & spread, immediately recognisable as the center spoke but didn't find anymore of it.

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    For anyone who may be remotely interested in pulling bent metal from the dirt, I have finally gathered all the photos of the dig from those who attended & have put them up here - Flickr: Aviation Wreckologist's Photostream

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    Excellent photos, thanks for posting. Almost like being there!

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    Thank you for your appreciation - maybe at some point while there is still some sites left to dig you might make the epic journey through middle earth to the East flatlands?

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    Would love to, if border controls will allow. Getting an itchy shovel which creams and lotions won't fix. My last look in your neck of the woods was for Whirlwind fragments but found only A10 bits. A poor substitute...

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    Excellent work guys. Looks like a great dig.

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