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8th AF Airfield Dump Dig.

Article about: Would that be the gentleman from Lowestoft who was removed from Flixton. Pity, it was a very good museum, apart from the rotting relics left outside. Metfield had the Luftwaffe's last UK cas

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    Incredible. You're going to need a big shed for that collection!

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    I'm speechless

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    This dump is just one of many we have to dig on, we spent 4 hours undertaking the geophysical survey on another site which from the visual results captured on the datalogger appears spectacular, it is 8 times the size of the one pictured in the forum, this will need two 360 tracked machines working to make any kind of impact & a team of 50+ to help move, clean, ID & record the finds. This site has verifiable evidence that vehicles were disposed of here, late '45 a vehicle was removed & was in use for 35+ years. The vehicle recovered was & still is a very rare find; it still exists although I haven't seen it used.

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    Sorry, i missed something/ Is/was that dig at Rougham? Coz if it was, I'm well miffed, i can see the airfield from my bedroom window

    I've been over there a few times, found a few bits, but nothing quite like that lot! great digging

    When you're wounded and left of Afghanistan's plains,
    An' the women come out to cut up what remains,
    Jest roll to your rifle an' blow out your brains,
    An' go to your Gawd like a soldier." - Rudyard Kipling

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    Amazing. |Thanks

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    hey birdog, you guys havnt been scratchin around near my way have ya, im norfolk suffolk border, tv crew been down near shotford bridge on the marsh, was that you guys??

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    Your way, where might that be? Wasn't aware there was an airfield there!? I think that was BBC's Autumnwatch or something filming Marsh Harriers wasn't it?

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    no i think it may have been time team, only a couple of weeks ago, dont even think flixton museum knew about the dig, not heard much of what came out tho. on the marsh near mendham

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    Interesting, we dug Lt Sharps B-24 'Lucky Penny' 19 years ago today inside the perimeter of Metfield.

    WOW, didn't know TT were about there??! I thought it was the Beeb!

    NASAM, well sadly they are no longer the hub of aviation archaeology news or reviews in the 21st century since the unjustified removal of a certain infinately knowledgeable & well respected member a year or so back; unfortunately by doing so has in my opinion put them to a great disadvantage in that respect.

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    Thats correct,we may well have met in that case..... we have been in contact with Fletcher Sharpes family, his great nephew, named Fletcher has been over to see the place where he was killed, we have his purple heart, and shirt that he gave us, iv dug around that site since, and have got myself a nice little collection of bits and pieces. flixton have one of the engines laid outside from the lucky penny, been trying to get it back least on loan so to stop it decaying out in the weather.... dont think it will happen tho, we did offer to buy it.... have you still got any lucky penny parts?

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