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8th AF Airfield Dump Dig.

Article about: Would that be the gentleman from Lowestoft who was removed from Flixton. Pity, it was a very good museum, apart from the rotting relics left outside. Metfield had the Luftwaffe's last UK cas

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    Old Spice, mmmm........

    I think there was at least one partial bottle came out one of the trenches, along with a lot of face cream jars.

    You might like this though, an Old Spice shaving mug from I found on another 8AF base, behind the former station barber's shop.

    All the best,

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    Yes ... I can confirm ... I do like this!! I've only ever managed fragments! My girlfriend keeps on telling me to buy a complete one from eBay ... they just don't understand do they!

    Thanks for the pictures,

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    Thanks for posting Paul, pity about the lack of aircraft but it looks like you still have plenty to sort through from last time. Looking forward to more pics.

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    Daniel had the Old Spice bottle we found from this one to go with his shaving mug he found at the 490th BG dump back in September.

    The site covered about two acres & was an old Victorian stone pit used to dispose of the twin bases of 100th & 490th trash. Despite assurances of the site being some 30ft deep we ran out of finds & into undisturbed soil at 6-8ft, this was pretty much the case all over the site where we dug. Interestingly a spritely 80 year old gentleman payed a visit to show us where in the pit he removed the Indian 1200 Motorcycle back in 1945. We did find a few other rusted motorcycle frames, forks & other parts but sadly no complete examples like he had!

    Although the site was not as prolific with the type of finds we were used to, it still gave a very interesting insight into everyday life on base with the varied finds that we unearthed.

    It did become at one point a competition to find as many Coke & Pepsi bottles as possible, we did find plenty & I think everyone who wanted one got one.

    This was the finale of the 'Outcasts' digging season 2009, we will of course be back in 2010 with I hope much more interesting site investigations. Naturally we are always looking to follow up a good rumour or lead related to a crash site or dump site. Our submitted leads are always investigated initially here at the office to eliminate any 'red herrings' which we sometimes receive. As a collective we have a huge resource pool we can draw on to successfully conduct our operation with a high degree of accuracy which eliminates any costly & erroneous excavations attempts.

    Thanks to everyone who took part & to everyone on the forum here who has shown an interest & contributed with postings.

    Best wishes for Christmas & the New Year!


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    For those who were out of the broadcast region or just plain forgot, here is the BBC Inside Out story on the dump dig.

    BBC - BBC One Programmes - Inside Out East

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    hi bird dog you mentioned that stuff was for sale its a long shot but i was wondering if the mustang exhust was still avalible (to purchase) for a mustang project i have been slowly putting together
    regards Mad_ideas

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    For those who were unable to watch the BBC TV documentary on the dig using BBC i-player, it has now been uploaded to You Tube, the quality is low but I can ask to have a higher res version supplied should we require it.

    YouTube - BBC Inside Out, Ultimate Metal Detectors.wmv

    It's a shade under 10 mins so won't bore you for too long.

    All the best


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    For the Old Spice fans among us......

    The very useful Old Spice Collectibles website.
    Everything you ever wanted to know about that was made when by who.




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    It's digging season again, our next foray is on a Suffolk B-17/24 base this coming bank holiday weekend. Two large ponds that were first dug in 1984, we got a large trailer load of very rare waist gun cradles, bomb shackles, fuse containers, ammo cans, flak helmets & other very interesting bits & bobs all preserved in the stinking mire. Sadly we broke the 360 machine & had to abandon the dig so it was left alone for 26 years.

    I will post the results after the dig.


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    Just found this thread and I'm 'gobsmacked'! Well done Bird Dog and good luck with the dig. My only real dig was an English civil war foundry in the 70's. The forge still stands today but the drop-pit was refilled for later investigation. Sadly, I'm not aware that this has ever taken place.

    Best of luck to your 'outcasts' also and I wait with baited breath for more news.


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