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Absolutly disgusting

Article about: by reneblacky Well at least the Australian govt preserved one of the three buggers Love your angry cat avatar mate!...

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    In this PC gone mad world where we are all such nice people who care so much for each other!!!!???, remember that we disrespect the generation who's endeavours we research and collect if we rail against such terms. It was the vernacular of the day, nothing more.

    Look at these headlines - this is history, the history we all get excited over - should we write that generation off as being racists and ignoramus' for using such words ......??

    Please people, this thread was started to advise about the robbing of a tomb and the vandalism of a military relic, NOT about 'name calling'.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Absolutly disgusting   Absolutly disgusting  

    Absolutly disgusting  
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    Yes, danmark, but as I said - we are not in 1942. The vernacular of the day is not the vernacular of today. Nor is it generally acceptable. I don't write that generation off as redneck humbugs, that's totally incorrect. Both of my great grandfathers were among them. It's similarly incorrect to bring the stinking corpse of an argument about 'PC gone mad' into this.

    What I am saying is that we do not need to carry terms that are considered offensive today forward when discussing the past. Think about the last time you opened a book on the subject. Did you read about 'japs, slit eyed bastards, krauts, wogs, dago, darkies' etc?

    No, you read Japanese, German, Italian and so on. We should hold ourselves to the same standard.

    If forum members can't be respectful in matter like this, I don't want to be here and I'll ask for the not inconsiderable amount I've donated back.

    Thank you.

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    Lets remember what this thread is all about gents and keep things on track please.


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    I completely agree with Carl. The thread is not about the terms for different nationalities that were used back in the day so please stick to the subject matter.

    What was once acceptable is not now so and please remember the conduct and attitude of the members here is there for the world to see. No-one wants the forum or it's members to be viewed in a negative way so I would ask that if you are writing here on the forum you use the correct terms for different nationalities.
    You may see nothing wrong with it but others might. Your conduct reflects on everybody. You cannot assume that everyone is happy to be called a shortened version of their nationality of a slang term for it.

    It's not about political correctness it's about respect.

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    Point taken, and diplomatically put Adrian. As a child I came home from school with torn clothes, loose teeth and a nose that pointed a different direction each week because I was the off-spring of a Kraut/Nazi/Hun. The Italians they did not even bother about and the Japanese were simply not in existence . What I took offence to was the inference that individuals "got what they deserved", having remembered the stories and reference by Australian ex-servicemen of the treatment , torture and subsequent execution of Japanese personnel simply for being "non-human Japs".

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