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Air Raid Shelter - detector find

Article about: Yes you read the post title correctly ,I found a Air raid shelter using my locator at work.Whilst searching an old range /ammunition storage site I had a huge reading the set was at maximum

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    Wow what a find. My first impression from looking at the photos was that this could be a British resistance base, used in case of invasion, But, no it's not.
    I bet that was a good feeling finding the radio equipment? Any other interesting ww2 era finds in there?
    Regards, Simon.

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    definately nothing as good as a brit resistance bunker,just an old long forgotten air-raid shelter that had stuff stored in it,didnt find any other stuff apart from the electronics kit inside,oh and some spiders that looked as though they had been there since the 1940s,attatched picture shows Part of the site as you can see theres lots of ammunition storage bunkers or the remains of them,most of which are in use by the sites owners,also you can still see cratering from ww1 trench mortar training/trials.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture work site 2009-2010.jpg  

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    Looks like a really interesting site, must be nice to be able to work and explore in such interesting surroundings



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    I have a site i am currently detecting & one that I will move onto, both private land. the second has 3 bunkers, sealed in 1946.... but built over in the 1980's! I hope that I can get some good finds around them

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    bikerboyzx6r, Good luck with your sites. Keep us updated.
    Regards, Simon.

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