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Airfield aircrew barracks - AMAZING finds !!!

Article about: Well I just don't know what to say. For the first time in years I actually rang the wife whilst detecting. She firstly told me to calm down, then told me to stop swearing so much, and then s

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    Default Re: Airfield aircrew barracks - AMAZING finds !!!


    Despite the fact that I must be close to clearing the site of metal objects now (given the volume of finds on my last visit dropped drammatically), the land owner has specifically requested I not divulge where I am searching. I am damned lucky as I am the only person he has ever allowed on his land using a detector !

    You do right to keep your place secret. Relic hunters like me and you would be there in a second if we knew it's precise location !

    Can I suggest you get into the mindset of a POW ? Think about what the place looked like 60 years ago......where looks like it was a nice place to sit and chat with your friends ? Is there a wood or copse nearby that may have served as a cooler area in the summer months ? Some of these areas can be quite distant from where the accomodation was so make sure you broaden your search. I have found items a good 100metres from the accomodation area !


    The general concensus of opinion is that POWs were possibly housed at the site as a temporary measure towards the end of the war. The volume of German material I have found strongly suggests that there were a significant number of prisoners held at the site. The fact that the dog tags were both snapped in half leads me to believe the POWs themselves did this, possibly to hide their true identity.

    Thinking of finding the wound badge still makes me go all funny !! How many people can say they have found one like this in the UK ?? !!!

    Anyway, thanks for your comments

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Airfield aircrew barracks - AMAZING finds !!!

    Hi Steve,
    Thankyou for the feedback and great advice That kind of info can only come from a fellow lateral thinker as you think through thing's like me.Some guy's will just say "no you will never find anything out there" but us dedicated relic hunter's just press on anyway don't we

    Keep me informed on how you go and i will do the same.Anytime you feel like having a private chat send me a message


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    Default Re: Airfield aircrew barracks - AMAZING finds !!!

    The anchor button is kriesmarine

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    Default Re: Airfield aircrew barracks - AMAZING finds !!!

    Just a thought, but the .30 round you have telescoped into half another case may not have been done intentionally. Occasionally, particularly with semi-automatic or fully automatic weapons, a case failure occurs in which the case separates and the back half is pulled out by the extractor, leaving the front half in the chamber. In semi-automatic or full automatic fire, the bolt moving forward picks up another round and drives it forward, forcinging it into the cartridge fragment remaining in the chamber. The bolt can't close on the partially chambered round and the gun jams. Sometimes the jam can be cleared by manually cycling the action and ejecting the round, sometimes the jammed round needs to be pushed out with a rod from the muzzle. Because of the force with which they were brought together, the unfired round and the fragment from the separated cartridge are usually stuck together pretty firmly. Another indicator that this may be what happened to your round, is that the base of the case fragment appears to be irregular, which you would expect in a case seperation versus an even edge which is what you would expect if someone cut it off and stuck it on the unfired round. Just my thoughts. Neat finds though.

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    Default Re: Airfield aircrew barracks - AMAZING finds !!!

    Thanks for that rkwmont, and welcome to the forum.

    Interesting idea !

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Airfield aircrew barracks - AMAZING finds !!!

    Quote by Steve T View Post
    Thanks guys

    Ade - You've not got a pic of a sten gun magazine loader have you ? I have looked on the web but can't find anything that looks like it !

    Nifartachi - Sell the wife/kids......shud have enough money to get one

    Grant - Thanks !!

    Steve T
    Definitely looks like the sten mkII sten mag loader. I have one in good working order.

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