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Airfield finds over the years

Article about: No problem No i didnt find any but i will go back sometime and have a better look round. Have you got any other finds for us to have a look at? You have done a great job labeling everything.

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    Default Airfield finds over the years

    Here's a few finds I've made over the past twenty years or so at my favourite airfield,and only a couple with a metal detector.
    The stirrup pump was found by a friend last year,minus it's handle,so I made a new one and got it working again.The perimeter track light still had a working bulb when I found it,not bad after 40+ years underground! Don't know what the lockable brass tap is from,maybe a fuel tank? Can anyone shed any light on the items in last 5 pictures too?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture PA290560.jpg   PA290561.jpg  

    PA290563.jpg   PA290564.jpg  

    PA290568.jpg   PA290569.jpg  

    PA290571.jpg   PA290574.jpg  

    PA290576.jpg   IMG_0031.JPG  

    IMG_0039.JPG   IMG_0187.JPG  

    IMG_0189.JPG   IMG_0194.JPG  

    IMG_0247.JPG   IMG_0245.JPG  

    IMG_0262.JPG   IMG_0012-1.JPG  

    IMG_0020.JPG   IMG_0022.JPG  


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    Default Re: Airfield finds over the years

    Wow great finds very impressed, if they're all from the same airfield then they're a time capsule. Better than any book thats history in the flesh, well done with your identifications, Im sure they'll still be loads to find. Good luck with your next hunt.

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    Default Re: Airfield finds over the years

    Nice finds !

    I can certainly help on one of the pictures. The 'ring' gasket with the four holes is the gasket for a Merlin engine exhaust stub. I found 6 exhaust stubs on my airfield and with one of them was the is exactly the same as yours. Strangely enough, the half gasket with the 'star' shape on one end ......... I also found one exactly the same in the hole with one of the Merlin stubs. Must also be something to do with it !

    Hope this helps.

    Steve T

    PS Have a look through this forum. My post showing the exhaust stubs is around somewhere

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    Default Re: Airfield finds over the years

    Here ya to my thread. About 8th picture down ish

    Steve T

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    Default Re: Airfield finds over the years

    Thanks for your replies Steve and Luckystrike,I've enjoyed looking at your threads too.
    The half moon thingy with star shaped ends is a locking tab,designed to stop nuts or bolts from vibrating loose.
    Now I have metal detector I should be able to discover a load more relics (hopefully!)

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    Default Re: Airfield finds over the years

    hello Jim, interesting finds! The rectangular electrical armament part is a release solenoid from a bomb rack. The same wer used on everything from Fairey Battles to Lancasters. The broken bakelite knob is from the top of an oxygen bottle, it would have said 'use no oil or grease'. the steel item with the knurled top is an electrical dimmer switch. I've never seen one with that steel cover though. Thanks for posting.

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    Default Re: Airfield finds over the years

    Thanks Ian.I think the dimmer switch is a windscreen wiper rheostat from a Mosquito....

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    Default Re: Airfield finds over the years

    The 'half gasket' is actually a locking plate. In use, the gasket was put on the engine exhaust port, then the exhaust pipe itself, then the locking plate, and finally the nuts or bolts were screwed down. One the nuts or bolts were screwed tight, the little tabs on the locking plate were bent up to hold the nut or bolt from loosening.

    Nice finds!

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    Default Re: Airfield finds over the years

    Hello All, well I finally made it over here Jim, and thought i would post a picture of some of my airfield finds from that 'favourite' place of ours.

    1) numbered engine nacelle part from Mosquito.
    2 & 3) unknown inspection plates, but the large one bears a number relating to Douglas Boston/Havoc.

    4 & 5) One steel plate with AM brass data plate marked 'Electric Controller type 3
    10J/26' the Black plate is painted alloy, same size and drilled to same dimensions.
    6) burnt bakelite, shaped casing.
    7)Airframe part, possibly Spitfire.
    8)Mosquito, numbered part, Cannon bay latch.
    9) unknown.
    10)Hurricane Oil filler Cap
    11)Rear filler plug from a 30Lb incendiary bomb (British)
    12) unknown
    13) .303 .50 Cal and 20MM Cannon shells (now inert)
    14) Small brass buckle
    15) Signal Flare
    16) Crockery
    17) Aluminium conduit or pipe
    18) Cut and shaped repair patches
    19) Remnants of Carbon arc light rods.
    20) Brown bakelite parts (unknown)
    21) Electrical components
    22) Cast Aluminium juncion box lid
    23) small electrical plug, AM marked
    24) Brass injector pipe
    25) 20mm links
    26) airframe part
    27) Rheostat casing and mount x2.
    28) Anti Gas Jar & lid
    29) Coat hook.

    There are one or two other bits I have not marked that include the hook, believed to be from a harness.
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    Default Re: Airfield finds over the years

    Nice display Denis, perhaps you can add a few more bits soon!

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