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Airfield Gunnery Range

Article about: Today I set out to a possible dump related to a Second World War Airfield, unfortunately the dump turned out to be completely civilian and after 40 minutes of digging and shifting through sa

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    In your picture of random bits. I can see a 20mm driving band (the ring) and a peice of a junction box or something. The bakelite item the missing peice would be A.M marked

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    Nice one Danny,
    As the others already said try to get yourself a MD, you could realy make a killing out there.
    You got more there with your eyes on your first search than some of us did with a MD on our first search.


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    I'm probably going to go again soon without a detector as just sweeping away sand and digging random holes seems to working quite well Using a detector would probably result in it beeping everytime I take a step maybe once I move on to the other range areas I'll use a detector, just need to find out if the area is classed as part of the beach and not private property though

    LUCKYSTRIKE, if you know of anyone thats in the Angus area in Scotland who would be interested in the domestic tip give me a shout and I'll give them the location of the dump and where I burried/hidden some of the other finds Thanks for your kind comment

    DM, I agree, the military stuff is more my kinda thing too I've had a look at the detectors you mentioned and they look pretty good from what I've read, I'll just need to sell a few more gas masks and I should have money for one.

    Whitehunter, thanks for the ID on some of the random pieces, with a bit of luck I'll find some more in the next few months for the more experienced guys on here to find

    Thanks very much for the comments guys


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    WAY TO GO !!! Awesome finds and very very interesting

    I look forward to seeing more of your finds. Can I suggest you go to the other end of the range where they would have taken the shots from? Bound to be packed out with cartridge cases

    Steve T

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    I'm not actually too sure where they might have fired from, theres a very large area that would need to be searched in order to find the firing points. But one day I will get round to it



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    I have a spare Ace 250 only been used a handful of times, boxed. Do you still have the Mickey mouse gas mask? maybe we could could do some sort of deal. I'm looking for about 100 inc postage. PM if intrested



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