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Along the Saar

Article about: That's some of the best finds I've seen ( Very Nice )

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    Default Along the Saar

    Hello everybody, I would like to show you some pictures of some finds me and my friends did during the last two months in the Saarland in Germany. It isn't quite comparable to the topics I have seen here but for the ones who are interested .

    All the finds are done in the Saar-Moselle triangle. This is one of my particular area's of interest and I have spent many research on the positions and whereabouts.

    This German canteen was a surface find.

    These are pressure plates for US anti-tankmines. The minefield was cleared some time ago.

    But some were dumped nearby after deactivation.

    Also we found two US pineapple grenades which had been emptied a long time ago too.

    My avatar .

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    Default Re: Along the Saar

    Hi Bart!!!

    Those are some great finds you've got there!! What's the badge in the shape of a shield for?

    Regards, Ned.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Along the Saar  
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    Default Re: Along the Saar

    Very interesting, keep posting. I like the landscape!

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: Along the Saar

    Thank you! We found more that weekend. I'll try to upload some more pictures tomorrow.

    @Ned: The badge is a Winterhilfswerke Abzeichen, winter 1940/41 and is specially for the wine industry.

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    Default Re: Along the Saar

    Interesting finds Bart looks like a good place to dig
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    Default Re: Along the Saar

    Wish we could do that here in the states Nice finds

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    Default Re: Along the Saar

    Awesome finds .looks like alot more searching is needed there , looking forward to some more pics , cheers Raymond

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    Default Re: Along the Saar

    it was the

    i am from the saarland,..20 km from this place,..

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    Default Re: Along the Saar

    Hello again everyone! Thanks again for your kind reactions.

    @Joschi: It is not the Orscholzriegel, I have been there too but many other persons have been before me!

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    Default Re: Along the Saar

    Here are some more pictures and relics.

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